Friday, September 15, 2017

Five on Friday: Seven Straight Mondays

Do you ever have weeks that feel like 7 straight Mondays? It's been one of those weeks for me. It has been jam packed with events for both me and hubs - which has had us all crazy - topped with I had a touch of the stomach bug for the better part of Sunday-Tuesday. So, to be honest I'm not really sad to say goodbye to this week and move on to the next. A week of Mondays for me, a day when GoGo doesn't answer Lainey's FaceTime call for her :)
However - before the week of said Mondays - we did have some really great things to add to our Five on Friday. 

 One: The Louisville Zoo

Last year for Christmas Shane's Aunt and Uncle gifted us with an annual membership to the zoo and it's such a great thing to have. We have a pretty decent little zoo here in Louisville, and it's great to pop in for a few hours (especially in the cooler temps) and spend the afternoon. We picked up B from school last Friday and headed straight to play with the animals for the afternoon. And ride the carousel of course.

Talk to the Gorillas.
 And eat all the dippin' dots.
 Watch the bears swim.
 And hit up the carousel one more time before we left.

 Two: Soccer

Bennett had his first soccer game last weekend and it was so fun to see him play. He's officially played basketball and baseball, but this was his first soccer team and HE LOVED IT. It's truly the first sport he was super excited about, talked about a lot, and keeps asking when his next game is (t's tomorrow). We've got him in a flag football league that starts this fall too - and Shane is the QB - can't wait to report how that one goes!

 His biggest fan made sure to have a front row seat on the sidelines.
 He scored a GOAL too!

Three: Anniversary 

This past Sunday Shane and I celebrated 11 years together and 6 years married :) after Bennett's soccer game we loaded up the car and headed to Cincinnati for a celebratory weekend. We have a home there in Dayton, KY, so we dropped the littles at the house with supervision - and headed straight to West Chester for a full adult day to celebrate 6 fabulous years together!

First stop - Starbucks. Second stop: Ballard Design / Grand Iron Road / Frontgate Outlet Shopping! Yay adulthood! (thanks wind for giving me that supermodel hair flip - HA!)
 Third stop: IKEA - complete with Swedish meatballs, because IKEA duh.
Fourth stop: Top Golf!! Ya'll SO FUNNNN. They're only in select places, but if you have a chance to go to one - GO! It was a blast (and I'm not even a golfer really) and I totally recommend it! (sorry for so many annoying selfies and italic side comments today) It's kind of like bowling, but with golf and really yummy food and drinks and just all around good fun.

Four: The Bengals
We woke up Sunday ready to cheer on our favorite team, and popped some bubbly to celebrate the Anniversary and have some WHODEY in our life at the first game of the season. 
 Then we headed to tailgate with all of our peoples.

 Playing catch and eating snacks - we're good at all of the above!

 I love these pictures - my dad and his brother cheering for the hall of famers at half time. They grew up in this city with these guys as their players -- and it's neat to watch them remain loyal to a team that sometimes makes it hard to be a fan :)

Five: This week's Shenanigans 

My parent's are in Seattle and I'm jealous. Hubs and I were supposed to go there for our anniversary last year, but due to all of my health business we had to put it on hold. Hopefully one day we'll get a chance to finally make our way out there. 
And for a traditional Friday confession ~ My dear husband of 6 years still does terribly horrible things that make me cringe. Like leaving dirty crinkled up socks on an end table in our home. WHYYYYY?!?!!?
 Lainey is still silly cute and keeps us laughing - ALWAYS.
 And Irma has brought us a good amount of rainy and cloudy days and we are slaying the lazy movie game. But, I'm ready for some sunshine ... and a Friday after a long week of Mondays.
 Have a great weekend gang!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What's Up Wednesday ~ August 2017 Edition

Hey gang! It's September!! Did ya know that? I sure didn't, until my mother in law sent me an email trying to find a date to celebrate my birthday and I was all "uhm wait, does that mean it's September already?!" Like what in the actual heck. How did that happen so quickly?!

I'm back today to share another round of What's Up Wednesday -- the bloggers that host the linkup moved it to this week due to a Hurricane Harvey donation drive ... and I'm not complaining because I certainly didn't have it all together last Wednesday to make a post. Moreover, I obviously haven't had to together since March which was the last time I participated. Sheesh. But anywhoodles, we catch up and answer these questions ....

What We're Eating This Week: Gosh, I'm really trying hard to get back to routine. Cooking meals, less summer snacking, getting the kids on a "normal" schedule now that we're back to school, but I'm not gonna lie I'm having a hard time sticking to it. We've gotten into this awful pattern of eating out (thanks to the move, the renovation, and summer) so I'm trying to cut back on that as much as possible. We actually sat down at the dinner table last night for the first time in weeks (our quick and easy dinners we always eat at the island), said grace, talked about the highs and lows of our day, the whole to do. And honestly it was really refreshing. The kids are back to school so they have things they want to share, and it's just good QT with the fam. We're also working really hard to develop little man's palate (and it is SUCH a battle). So we've made a deal that when we sit down to dinner as a family he's required to try one new item. Last night's requirement (we actually snuck in two) corn and mashed potatoes. He didn't LOVE the corn but tolerated it - which I count as a win - and he legit gagged when he ate mashed potatoes. His sweet sister that had been loving them all dinner then proceeded to follow suit (for attention) and it ended in the entire family laughing until we couldn't breathe. Ha! Seriously though - mama's of the world - HELPPPPP. Give me ideas for dinner, lunch, snacks, all the things to get my kiddo to eat. #HopelessMama

What I'm reminiscing about: Some recent fun date nights with my hubs. We've had a lot of fun events lined up lately and it's been good to spend some time together. We've hit up concerts, nights out with friends, simple wine nights in the kitchen, a neighborhood party, some fun drinks before dinner, etc. Nothing over the top, but fun nonetheless.

What I'm loving: THIS WEATHER! Fall is in full swing here in the Bluegrass and I couldn't be happier. The cooler evenings make our neighborhood walks a breeze ~ I'm rocking my jeans and not the slightest bit uncomfortable ~ I'm wearing sweatshirts like it's my job. There have been some gloomy days but the kids are loving stomping in puddles in their rain boots and I'm loving snuggling up after school in a big ole' blanket with them. Ahhh, all of the greatness. Fall is the best. Ever. Ever. Ever. 

What we've been up to: Mostly just end of summer, back to school business and some Labor Day fun. We went to the Kentucky state fair and ate all the food and rode all the rides. 

We had a viewing party for the Solar Eclipse:

And just some fun back to routine days. 

What I'm dreading: Honestly, I'm already dreading November. We went to Nashville last week for the my 3 month check-ups - but got off easy this round because we didn't have any scans. They did take one mole from my chest, but that's pretty much par for the course these days. November is going to be a HUGE visit (PET scan, CT scan, MRI of the abdomen, MRI of the brain, blood work, derm visit) THE WORKS. And there are a couple of really subtle spots they've been watching for a long time and we think this visit will kind of determine a decision one way or another (if they've changed). Sooo ... while it's still a while away - I'm dreading it. But here's a look from last week - my teammate came with me and we had good reports :) 

What I'm working on: The house ... STILL. We're actually doing the landscape right now and they should be wrapping up this week - YAY! The landscape was gorgeous in it's day I'm certain, but it was A LOT and looked like a LOT of work - so I wanted to bring it back down and make it a bit simpler. More grass, less landscape beds, etc. So we're almost there. Furthermore I'm finally feeling the itch to decorate this home (sort of ). I'm honestly still kind of maxed out from the renovation, so I simply have just avoided all things decor focused (which is usually my favorite part). But, last Friday I had a little itch to decorate a wall, so I climbed Shane's shoulders (really though) and finished a gallery wall. :) yay! I hope to share some photos soon.

What I'm excited about: This weekend! It's our anniversary and the Bengals opening home game of the season - and let's be honest football season in general. I live for a good tailgate, fun watch party with all the dips, all of it. Mister Bennett's first soccer game of the season is this weekend too! So much fun packed into a couple of short days! The boys are excited it's football season too - they headed to Indy last weekend to watch their Cards bring home the W over Purdue. 

What I'm watching/reading: Game of Thrones. I did it. I jumped on the band wagon. And I'm binging it. I'll be honest, it's not as great as I was hoping. I really really like it and I'm going to keep watching - but for all of the hype I am a teensy tiny bit disappointed. However - I'm super into the Mother of the Dragons! Haha! I think she's so great.

What I'm listening to: I'm listening to China Rich Girlfriend on audible and Trolls. Will my kids EVER not want to listen to Trolls? Shane came home last week and couldn't stop talking about the new T. Swift song and I'm looking at him going - Taylor Swift has a new song? HA! 

What I'm wearing: MY FALL CLOTHES. No more needs to be said. And blankets! We love snuggling under good blanket!
Mister Bennett is wearing cowboys gear and any and all other costumes because he totally loves dressing up and getting into character right now. 
Lainey is wearing nail polish  and loves to show it off to just about anyone that will look at her "fingah" and she also rocks perfectly tousled tendril curls everyday fresh out of the bathtub #hairenvy

What I'm doing this weekend: Like I said, soccer, football, anniversary celebration, Cincinnati - all great things. Trying to decide where we should make reservations Saturday. 

What I'm looking forward to next month: Ahh September, I've got a birthday coming up, our anniversary, Bennett's soccer begins, I've got some fun family sessions on the books, and I'm hoping to score some tickets to a few shows in town! I'm also going to start thinking about this little lady's count down to two celebration. We've got a while, but I've got some ideas swirling and I'm excited to host her little party. I think second birthday's are so fun because they start to really understand it's all about them. 

What else is new: That's about it really. Back to school mainly and starting into our new groove. This little guy has also grown out of nearly all of this clothes so we went last week and got his some new threads. 
And that's about it gang! Hopefully I'll see ya back here at the end of next month - same time, same place, K?