Monday, October 15, 2012

we're Nerds - REAL nerds.

When it comes to Halloween - I'm a crazy, perfectionist, it has to be done this way calm, cool, collected, lover of homemade costumes.  Being artsy runs on my momma's side of the family - and although i wasn't blessed with ANY artistic talent when it comes to actually drawing or painting (which i am still angry about). i did get a small knack for general creativity. and during Halloween i feel it is my duty to make sure people around me are aware of that.

this silly personal fulfillment again, stems from my mother's side of the family.  every year when we were little kids my Grandma *elaine* (she's the sweetest lady you will ever meet) - seriously. and side story:

at my brother's wedding in August - my mom, her sisters, and my grandma were standing around the bar *yes, my family generally stays out later than most* - at this point we were all SEVERAL a few cocktails in ;o) and decided we needed ANOTHER a shot (give us a break, my brother was getting married!) i asked my grandma to take one with us - and she said "SURE!" - i then started thinking, wait, is this okay? can grandma take a shot? - so i verbalized those thoughts - and asked sweet elaine, "Wait, Grandma can you take a shot?" -- her witty response, "Well I'm 21 aren't I?!" --- touche Grandma, touche -- so it happened:

Top Picture (not sure how or why the formation changed?)- Who's Who: Lil' Ole Me, Aunt Debbie, GRANDMA, Aunt Marshee, Mama Penny 
However, it is imperative - shot story aside - you understand the genuine LOVE i have for this sweet lil' lady.  First - she is entirely too cute. Second - if you heard her voice you would fall in love (i can guarantee it - her voice could melt the heart for The Grinch!) and Third - if nothing else - one of my favorite moments from my wedding day ;) seeing her for the first time.
 and one of my all time favorite wedding photos - 3 generations of hands - *GUSH!* i LOVE these ladies!

Pardon my crooked pinky.  it's trademarked as my own - yes i was born that way - no i have never broken it - and yes - i've learned to love it ;)
Wedding photo creds to Megan Wynn of Megan W. Photography.  Her webiste here and her blog here.
okay - wow - "i love my grandma tangent" there, sorry! - Ergo - the reason i was talking about her in the first place - my LOVE of homemade Halloween costumes stems from this woman. for a good portion of my childhood grandma made my brother and i homemade Halloween costumes - BLESS HER HEART - i think i remember one time i changed my mind 6 times and she had already started hand sewing and was still kind enough to make the changes.  Some of my favorites (which i promise to get around posting pictures to at some point) include: a spider, a princess, and freddy crougar (that was JR - not me)

so, Nerds - the title of this post - SWEAR I'M GETTING THERE! - Last year, i somehow managed to talk sweet hubby into being a Nerd with me.  However after the dramatics fun of making the costumes last year (sorry, Shane) I'm not so sure talking him into a costume will be so easy this year. 

now that it's all said and done i really wish i would have taken before, during and after photos - but all i've got is the finished product - so here it is - THE NERDS!

by the way - yes - I'm asking you for something -- SORRY! :) --- we've entered ourselves into The Dating Divas, Halloween Couple's Costume Contest.  Vote for us here - #63

The year before we were garden gnomes - which was also a great contender for one of my fave costumes -

but i think i loved the Nerds because of the time and effort i spent painting those daggone boxes.  Plus we handed out nerds all night - so costumes that keep on giving are always fun!

by the way - yes - I'm asking you for something -- SORRY! :) --- we've entered ourselves into The Dating Divas, Halloween Couple's Costume Contest.  Vote for us here - #63


  1. Hi! I love your nerd costume! So cool.. I was wondering. How did you make the sign? It looks perfect!

    1. Thanks! Honestly, I just free-handed it! Happy Halloween!


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