Friday, November 2, 2012

it's friday: LEAVE a rant.

hello long lost friends. first and foremost, my apologies for my lack of posting.  the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, and with holiday deadlines for Black Friday and Christmas - the advertising world has been a bit hectic. ***annnnnnd that's all I'll say about that ...  because if i begin to rant about that topic too my sweet lil' BlueDaisy image may turn into a Black Rose with thorns :0) ***

so ANYWAYS, hubs and I moved into our house in march and it has been QUITE the journey.  I'm talking knocking down walls, tearing up floors, painting every room, stripping wallpaper, gutting the entire kitchen type of journey (yes, I want your sympathy).  the good news however is i can finally say, we are near completion!!! i will spare you the details of the fact that I wine daily because our dining room and master bath are still not complete (and have really yet to be started) - BUT we are almost there :)

orrrr so i thought.  WOMMMMMMMP. WOMMMMP

amazing how quickly home ownership in all it's glory has the ability to literally take its wart covered witchcraft hands  and reach up into that perfectly plush cloud you were daydreaming on, grab you by the shoulders, whip you around and slam you hard against that reality rock, isn't it?! (*wow* sorry for that ridiculous visual i just created, i warned you - it was a rant, and clearly Halloween is still clouding my thoughts)

if you notice - above, i only mentioned the INSIDE of the house (which is clearly all i have been concerned with for several months) but now that it's not sunny outside every day, the leaves are changing and in turn falling on the ground (duuur.)  buuuut, until the other day i apparently was naive enough to believe that leaves don't magically form into large piles that you jump into, the garbage bags don't stuff themselves, and leaves do not evaporate into the ground. 

APPARENTLY when i was a kid my parents were raking leaves early in the morning and they were neatly placed into large piles i then played in by the time i woke up.  the rest of them they meticulously stuffed into garbage bags and placed near the curb for the city yard waste to remove.

well, just my luck. we bought a house with no less than 14 trees in our front yard and another 10 in the back.
*note: we live in a neighborhood with requirements that you are to have at least 2 trees in your front yard, TWO, please tell me WHY oh WHY the previous owners felt it necessary to then have 24 on a 1/2 acre lot ... what the heck?! --- these pictures honestly don't do it justice --- I'm talking A LOT of trees* 

whew, i mean don't get me wrong, it is pretty, it does stand out, and it does add privacy in such a big neighborhood, BUT you can bet my green-thumb (or lack there of) that after the amount of leaves we have seen this fall, tree removal is NEXT on the house completion "To Do" list.

alright - are you ready for the scene i came home to that got me all fired up and inspired this blog?  i wish now that i would have taken more pics, but i was BEYOND mortified when i rolled up from ONE DAY of work (after literally having Shane rake leaves the night before) and seeing this.  i swear to you, i pulled up to my house snapped a extremely QUICK photo and pulled into the garage as fast as i could. HOPING AND PRAYING my neighbors would forget what i looked like until we got the situation under control. 

BEYOND embarrassed. that was literally just one side of our driveway. ohh how i wish so badly i would have gotten a picture of the rest of yard. conveniently i think it was the windiest day of fall to date and all of our luscious leaves created a perfectly stacked pile right on the side of our driveway (THANK GOODNESS i drive an SUV and was able to drive right over those suckers)

so, first order of business. continually rake leaves until my hands fall off. next, remove some of these bad boys. and last, consider buying an industrial leaf vac that gets rid of these fellas.


  1. love the pictures of the house!! you are the bestest blogger ever. - Noellie

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