Wednesday, November 7, 2012

tackle it with a smile

Happy Day after Election day! - Or not so Happy Day, depending on whether or not your candidate won or lost. (I'll keep my political affiliations to myself, but let's just remember I live in KY after all) Regardless, to boost every one's spirits - *HIGH --or-- low* - I wanted to share two short notes that have put a little pep in my step this week.

First, a short and sweet little note from the hubs.  Shane and I always have a pad of paper near our garage door (the door we both use most frequently) along with a chalkboard in the kitchen.  And yes, you can see where this is headed...we're one of the those couples who frequently leaves each other notes, messages, honey-do's, i love you's etc.  I know gross GUSH right?! ;0)

Well my note this week ended with words of wisdom from my wise husband, and has had me smiling, no matter the outcome all week:

The second note I wanted to share, was a reminder of the party in which we all belong. Political affiliations aside (sorry for the pixalated sunset, i couldn't get the doggone words to fit in my photo app, so i had to get creative and fill the bottom half with one of my favorite photo's on my phone -
 A Greek Sunset):

And last but not least, to all of my followers who are thinking WOAH - this is a little too serious of a post for Hump Day Morning ... let me remind you:

 We can still be friends :)  and may God Bless the United States of America.
United We Stand.


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