Thursday, December 20, 2012

32 Years of Marriage ... THIRTY TWO!

32 Years of Marriage ... THIRTY TWO!  That's right folks, longer than i can even imagine (because this lil' gal ain't even been alive that long) .. my parents have been joined in Holy Matrimony.  Celebrating their 32nd Wedding Anniversary Today - Married on December 20th, 1980.  Geeze.  They've officially been married more than half of their lives.  With the discomforting and depressing thought that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce now-a-days .. I'd say 32 years of wedded bliss is something to celebrate!  Can you imagine the secrets and stories they're able to tell on each other.  Ha, i giggle at what they know.  I haven't even completed my second year of marriage yet and the amount of black mail information i have on the hubs. WHEW. 

Mom and Pops met at a bar (beyond fitting if you know my parents) "The Lighthouse Limited" in Northern KY back in the day.  I'm pretty sure my dad (John) was rocking a killer stache, an Afro and some ridiculous muscle car with an engine that roared.  My mom (Penny) was likely showing off her killer legs in some short shorts, hair straight as a board down to her butt, and her automobile ... or space Mobile from what it sounds like was some honker of a machine that rivaled a coach bus (or maybe that's just my over zealous imagination going to town).  I forgot to sneak pictures while i was at their house the other weekend ..but this one is pretty money .. and on point with the high waisted daisy dukes mama - NIIIICE.

My parents have accomplished so much in their 32 years together, and as their daughter I wholeheartedly mean, there is not one thing they could have changed that would make me more proud.  I could tell you they're perfect ... but we all know I'd be lying.  I could tell you they never made mistakes and were always incredible role models ... but anyone who's gone out for drinks with the Neace's knows better (and if you don't find out that night .. the next day is bound to be a tell tale sign). I could tell you they never missed a ball game, or always had the exact right advice for what i needed to hear .. but that would again imply perfectly normal parents.  And one can clearly see with the amount of excitement on my father's face [for the 8th lobster he is about consume while dressed in ridiculous 60's apparel] that is simply not the case.  They in turn are something much better. 

Alas, all of their imperfections does in fact make them perfect parents in my eyes.  My parents are my friends, my best friends and always have been. Many would say our family dynamics are a bit eccentric, but it works for us.  My parents moved away from their family and friends in their early 30's to pursue their own dreams and learned to be parents along the way.  Great parents. They've worked hard to be where they are today and deserve EVERYTHING they have.  They taught my brothers and I to be self-reliant, to find the humor in life, and the importance of good company and a good party.

With my younger brother heading off to college this year, they are officially empty-nesters and living up every minute of it.  I got a really sweet text from my dad while they were on one of their recent trips that literally made my heart melt.  GUSH!

I can't remember if this was the same trip or not ... but they always wanted to make it to Niagara Falls and finally did a couple of weeks ago.  Here's a snapshot of one of their remarkable vacays (yes, that is my dad pretending to drown in the falls ... and my mother doing a signature cheer leading move to express excitement) :)

So here's to you John and Penny.  May your happiest moment of the last 32 years be your worst moment in the next 32!  Love you both!

P.S. I searched appropriate wedding gifts for 32 years of marriage and uncovered this:
For the 32nd year of marriage it is suggested that your gift be an item that showcases the semi-precious gemstone Lapis, or a conveyance.
What is a conveyance? The answer: anything that transports you! Be that over water, on snow, in the air, underwater, on land or into a transcendental state, any of the following gift ideas should be considered a conveyance and a potentially ideal 32nd anniversary gift.
    • Car
    • Sailboat
    • Surfboards
    • Tandem bicycle
    • Motorcycle with a sidecar
    • Hang glider
    • Vespa
    • Jet skis
    • Skateboards
    • Rollerblades
    • Unicycles
    • Snowmobiles
    • Go Carts
    • ATVs
    • Segway Human Transporter
Therefore, you will be getting an e-card from your loving daughter.  Conveyed via the web .. imagine it being delivered like so...and i have successfully given you THE BEST 32nd Anniversary gift of all:

Underneath my keyboard lives tiny little elves that skateboard to the monitor to deliver the letters. The elves then Rollerblade the letters to the mail house in the back of the computer. From there small hairy trolls ride unicycles through wires that transmit them to the mail delivery room (imagine the mail house from the movie Elf). Once the mail is sorted by fairies on tandem bicycles they attach the mail to a hang glider and send it up the sucky thing.  Half way through they drop the mail onto go carts powered by baby dinosaurs who travel up your computer wires.  The tandem motorcycle then use one seat for the driver (Carlos from the Hangover) and the other seat for the mail.  Carlos imprints my letter on your screen and you see your magical message and VOILA.  Best daughter ever. 


  1. Katie. That was the best anniversary present ever where on earth did you get those pics? Omg!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I love you soooo very much and you made are anniversary EXTRA special. I read it to dad in the car and could barely get through it from crying. That was sooo sweet and thoughtful. Lubs Mom

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JOHN AND PENNY! This was a beautiful post!


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