Friday, January 18, 2013

He-Man Woman Haters

In the genius words of Rebbecca Black:

It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

HA! Weren't ready for that flashback were ya? Sorry - cruel joke, if I got the song stuck your head now.  And if you're anything like me, it's stuck in your head for the rest of the day ... which makes your brain picture Stymie from Little Rascals saying, "Man, babes are like a bad song. Once you get em stuck in your head - you can't get em out again." - LOVE THAT MOVIE!

Which got me thinking .. I was a small tyke when I used to watch Little Rascal's (religiously, I might add STILL have the uncanny ability to quote just about every line from the movie. Seriously though...I loved it that much).  But my brain started to wander...

If my mom is no longer serving me yellow Gatorade and no crust sandwiches perfectly packaged in a picnic basket, while sitting bright eyed and bushy tailed on the softest sheet we owned on our living room floor (believe it - I was high maintenance even back then!) ... and instead I am actually BUYING my own sandwich ingredients, PHYSICALLY making them, and eating them WITH the crust while wasting away at my office computer ... then what in the heck are the Little Rascal's doing with themselves this day and age? Because unfortunately, as much as my 6 year old KatieBugg heart wants to believe it, I highly doubt Spanky and Alfalfa are still dressing up in pink leotards to spy on Darla.  Or are they!??! :)

Woah. Way wrong. Wish I never would have started digging in the first place. In this case, I should have let my imagination run wild and not looked to Internet to answer my questions.  Nevertheless, if I'm struggling ... it only seems right I share what I have uncovered with you too.  Alright, here goes...

The Little Rascal's - are not so Little anymore.

Alfalfa - Then:
Alfalfa - Now:
Dannnng boo. Who knew the boy with the worst cowlick in the entire world would wind up a starving catalog model.

Stymie - Then:
Stymie - Now:
It appears as though Stymie is stuck under a boat - not the best look for a He-Man woman hater.  I'm digging his dreads though.

Porky - Then:
Porky - Now:
Awwwe. Little Porkster.  I wonder if he eats pickles now? Or if he still has a 24/7 stuffy nose? And you had the best joke ever when Buckwheat's on-screen mama ended up being Whoopie Goldberg....."Whooooopie" - So clever!

Buckwheat - Then:
Buckwheat - Now:
Dang.  Buckwheat, you were one of the cutest.  And I may or may not still use your song as a comeback: "We're going to the race. We're gonna win first place and you have an ugly face!" --- 

Froggy - Then:
Froggy - Now:
Yep - definitely him.  I wonder if talking in his Froggy voice forever damaged his vocal cords?  Although I will say - you have done better with age.  And thank goodness you decided to ditch the childhood mullet.

Uh-Huh Then:
Uh-Huh Now:
Woah. Just Woah.  I didn't know guys took selfies that were this posed? I guess sticking pencils up your nose damages brain cells.

Butch - Then:
Butch - Now:
Butch, you've made improvements. Your character was always a little too redneck for my liking. So, it's good to see you're headed in a better direction.

Darla - Then:
Darla - Now:
Owww owwww. Darla! Oh my.

Spanky - Then:
Spanky - Now:
Had to save the best for last. Spanky - you're working at Wal-Mart?!  Come see the amazing 4 foot man eating chick-uhnnnnnn.

Well I guess it's true. Nothing ever stays the same *sigh*.  But we started with an insightful quote from Stymie; so it only seems right we end on an insightful quote from Stymie: "You only meet your once in a lifetime friends ... once in a lifetime!"  Such a bright child that Stymie was :)

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