Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Porcelain God Gets a Facelift!

Today's post needs a little back story to bring you up to speed.  So around this time last year, hubs and I got a wild hair and wanted to move.  Like with most things, once we set our mind to do something - there is no turning back. And once we decide there is no turning back, we want things done - NOW!

However, those of you that have ever purchased a home know it doesn't always go so smoothly. Alas, we put our first home up for sale and went a searching.  Because our first home required a massive renovation our criteria for the new digs included the terms "MOVE IN READY." And, although our intentions were in the right place, the real estate gods were unfortunately not.  Every home we put an offer in on that was indeed move in ready, we didn't get. WAH.

But there was this fancy little place (I think I told you more about it here), that just so happened to be an estate sale (so we'd save some $$ on the purchase) that IF, WHEN, had to have TLC it would end up just what we wanted. So, against our better judgement .. we signed up for months of renovation, endless nights of painting, and too many decisions for an indecisive couple (okay that might not be completely fair - it might just be me who's indecisive).  We tackled a loong list of updates including but not limited to: new hardwood floors, new carpet, new paint, removing wall paper, gutting our kitchen and rebuilding from the ground up, finishing our basement, new tile in the laundry room, knocking out a wall in the living room - basically you name it - we probably did it.

The GOOD news is, we are literally SO close to being finished.  Ironic however, because I have never met a homeowner who is ever truly done making changes. But in regards to the renovation, we really are almost there.  If you remember, our Christmas gift to one another was a completed dining room (because in our best efforts to remove the original wallpaper, we actually removed nearly all of the the drywall - I so wish I would have taken a picture of the damage - it honestly became comical at how bad we screwed up)....

Before Renovations

During Renovations

After Renovations 
(ALMOST complete - decor isn't finished, I want a new chandelier, NEED a new rug, I'd like to add to the slipcover chairs with some accent, and I'm going to paint the buffet something different ... in due time ... for now it can sit in peace)

So, to conclude the year of renovations - the last MAJOR project is FINALLY underway.  The Master Bathroom and the porcelain god. To any of you folk who live, have lived, or gone to the bathroom in an older home - you probably are aware of one thing: Old Toilet Bowls are SMALL. This picture truthfully doesn't do it it justice ... it's teensy.

The hubs has a MAJOR issue with this and although we are getting a completely new shower, new vanity, removing the nasty old carpet and putting in tile in the bathroom (yes the master bath had carpet), he is most excited to go and pick out his fancy, upgraded, much larger toilet bowl.  I'll be sure to share his final picks as they come in. 

But for an update on where we currently are in the process ...

Before Renovations

During Renovations and After Renovation pictures will be coming soon. I think we agreed on our tile last night! EEEEkk!!!  We're getting so close.

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