Wednesday, January 23, 2013


BABY it's cold outside!

 I'm talking bone chilling, might as well stand in a freezer, because it'd probably be warmer, kind of cold. BUT, I was overly enthused and it warmed my heart a little when I found these magnificent marvels at Kroger last night.  

Ripe strawberries, for what seems like the first time in weeks (or stawbabies as my sweet niece Emmie calls them) make me think of Summer, warmer days, and crazy new arrivals that will be here just in time for summer.  But I mean look at these fellas would you?! They were DEEEEELICIOUS too.  Which is extra special because I've been craving strawberries like they're going out of style.

Okay, are you catching on yet? 
                                       ~ BABY it's cold outside...
                                       ~ New arrival this summer...
                                       ~ Cravings...
                                       ~ straw - BABIES.... :)

Yes, yes it's true -- we're having a BABBBBBYYYYY!!!

AHHHHH! My friends were getting on me that it was time I shared the big news on the blog, but I just couldn't decide how I wanted to announce it to you guys.  And to be honest - I still can't come up with something clever.  So instead, I'm going to recap for you how I told my closest family and friends.

The Rents:

We told our parents before anyone else.  We were nervous to tell so we wanted them to know, but wait a little while longer before announcing it to everyone to make sure everything was A-Ok.  This is our first little one and the first grand baby on my side of the family, so we knew we wanted to make it special.  I of course went straight to Pinterest to scour ideas.  SO many to choose from!  But my heart landed on the little pair of empty shoes.  Hubs and I had just recently gotten back from a big trip to Europe, so packaging up a picture was an easy segway into the delivery of the picture.  We told our parents we had our favorite picture from the trip put in a frame for them and they suspected nothing while tearing into the paper ... but when they looked at the actual photo... SURPRISE!!!

All of their reactions were SO great!  So emotional and so, so fun!  Unfortunately, I only have a picture of my parents - because Hubs recorded his parents reaction on his phone and then synced the phone the next day and lost all history of both videos (but because this is a happy post that's all I'll say about it :) ... it was a tough pill to swallow however on top of my already raging hormones, when he broke the news to me...WHEW).  I love the bottom picture of my dad .. if you know him, and can imagine it - the noise he's making is a high-pitched "Ha-Ha!" ... and yes of course... Penny is crying :)

The Immediate Family:

Next we were on to telling our siblings and closest family.  We told Shane's family at one of or our big Sunday night dinners.  His brother has 3 kids, and Brody is the youngest.  Shane snuck Bro-man downstairs and put this little shirt on him while everyone was getting seated for dinner.  (We made the shirt super easy with some iron-on letters the night before).  It was so great to watch everyone's faces as he walked into the room.  You started seeing people understand what was happening one by one. 


Next we were on to telling my brothers.  We had a family trip planned to NYC for Thanksgiving and we knew that would be the perfect time, because Baby Bro would be home from college and we'd have some time with just the bros, my sis in law, and my extended brother and his wife before we had to meet up with everyone else.  Bottom line however, they're my brother's and total boys, so a simple one-liner seemed more appropriate for them than some crafty announcement.  So while we were all snuggled together on our way to NYC, hubs casually asked ... "So, what's it like to spend your first Thanksgiving as uncles?"  Their faces were awesome. Followed by the "WHAT?! Are you serious"  Once we arrived in NYC we headed to the Trump Ice Skating Rink.  Everyone else enjoyed the ice - I watched and celebrated with Hot Chocolate :)

Telling the Friends:

This one was great - talk about the element of surprise. If you guys remember, back in early December I talked about the annual Cookie Party my mom and I host. Well, this year the party became the perfect backdrop for announcing the big news.  Every year we get all the gals and mama's and pose for a big group picture to commemorate the evening. However, this year we planned a little twist :)  (My extended brother's wife, Cristina, mentioned above, was in on the plan and offered to be our "photographer" for the photo).  We usually just do a self time or something, but this year we needed a better plan.  We had everyone snuggle up and gather around ... 

and Penny said "okay, everybody say.... KATIE'S PREGNANT!"
Cris knew this was coming, so we had instructed her to just keep clicking the picture no matter the reaction.  It was so great to hear the shrieks and squeals and looking at the pictures after was even better. There were SO many and everyone's faces were so great. But here are some of my faves. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my friends? Because I DO!

Hubs took a bunch of his buddies to a bar and broke the news to them. And then one of his friends broke the news via Twitter to everyone we know ... so that was cool ... NOT!  Unfortunately, there are no pictures from that evening out (which ended up being a late one). -But, I do have a perfect Facebook post I can share from one of his friends, from the night he told the guys :) Too cute!

So that's it folks! Our newest little bundle of joy is expected 
late June - Summer 2013. 


  1. *Let me get a little deep here for one second.*

    I must say, the rush of adrenaline is like a (good) punch in the gut when you find out you're having a kiddo. Hearing the heartbeat that WE built is a freaking miracle. Seeing the profile of your babies face, his legs, his butt sticking out, and yes, his little man-piece. Incredible feeling. I couldn't be more proud and that thing hasn't even hatched yet!

    Next, I'd like to say...I have the best wife in the world. Really, if there were rankings I think she'd be #1. If you're reading this thinking, "Wow, Katie's funny and cool" it's BECAUSE SHE IS FUNNY AND COOL (and she can cook.) I'm done bragging now...

    ...seriously though. real great.

    Having a child on the way has been, like one would expect, quite life altering. I just shopped at Babies R' Us last week...and I loved it. Put me in that store about 6 months ago? Gun, now... shoot me. Crazy how this little man is changing my perspective on things.

    Okay my rant is done.

    Thanks to all our friends and family that have shown so much love and support. We're very grateful.


  2. strawBABIES yaaaayy! :o) love you, so excited to meet this little boy!


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