Friday, March 8, 2013

Life's Little Moments

I was scrolling through my phone and realized I have so many super RANDOM photos in my camera roll.  None of which would make a lick of sense to anyone else, but to me they are things that make me happy.  Things that have made me smile.  The small things and the little moments that life shares with us everyday.

I've decided to start updating you guys on my very own "Life's Little Moments" and give you a peak into my world of happy!  Here are this week's:

  • Top Left: The message hubs left me painted on the wall in our remodeled bathroom (the mirror will cover it at some point)
  • Top Right: The most ridiculous truck I was behind driving to work.  There was the smallest little white boy driving it.  He could barely see over the steering wheel.  And the back of the truck had painted in fancy red letters "Black Chocolate" -- made me giggle 
  • Middle Left: My sweet niece (sort of ... she's our foreign exchange student's daughter ... but he's basically family), Laura, born on Feb. 28th.  She was full term at 38 weeks and weighed only 4lbs 15 oz.  She is SO tiny. And SO precious.
  • Middle right: My other sweet niece, Maebyn. I mean seriously?! The headband. The eyes. The girly grin. I die.
  • Bottom Left: Surprise baby gifts for Baby U.  I walked into work on Monday morning and this sweet present was sitting on my desk.  A just because I thought it was cute gift. SWOON.
  • Bottom Right: My newest addiction. Ritter Sport chocolate covered biscuits. Try one, seriously.

Remember to enjoy life's little moments.  Share some of yours with me!


  1. awww I loved this post! Made me smile and sigh :o) xxo ~Noellie

    1. hehehe :) love you and your munchkin! MUAH <3


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