Monday, March 18, 2013

RM: My Ingredients to BEAUTIMOUS

Today is Recipe Monday.  The day where I normally share the latest and greatest recipe I'm wanting to try, or the latest and greatest recipe I did try and can no longer live without.  However, today and this entire week actually, I've enlisted some help from some of my besties to share with you a different kind of recipe.  A recipe made up of our absolute favorite beauty ingredients that make us look and feel like rock stars.  In the words of our favorite Honey Boo Boo Mama, June, the stuff that makes us down right BEAUTIMOUS!

I'll share my list of beauty must haves with you today - and then I'll highlight some of my gal pals for the rest of the week to divvy up their can't live without lists.  

It has been so fun to look at everyone's must haves and see what makes them tick.  It's not so great for my bank account however, because it makes me think I in turn need the items as well. If they're good enough for my pals, than I absolutely MUST HAVE THEM TOO ... Duh!  It's a blast though to see how passionate people are about "THEIR" products, and hear their excitement when they talk about them.  Because they are SO life changing, and make everything SO much better! ... Hehehe

I wish I could say I was different and haven't been sucked into the endless black hole that is the never ending abyss of retail beauty products, but I am no better my friends.  NO BETTER.  I actually may be worse.  For instance, when I was soliciting their help for this little project I started analyze my morning routine and realized how much I rely on every day items.  For instance, if someone were to ask me to choose between my teasing comb or my bronzer and said I had to quit the other 100% cold turkey, I really don't know if I'd be able to do it. Like really, it would inevitably cause a full fledged meltdown with tear stained cheeks and a ugly cry face.  I wish I were simply being dramatic for the sake of story telling, but I truthfully think it would be THAT devastating.  SEVERELY life altering.

So here goes, my list of favorite things that I use to make me feel BEAUTIMOUS!

  1. Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser
    • This is MY face wash, and has been since I was about 14.  The bottle has changed appearance from time to time - but what's inside is grand. I've tried other face cleansers, but nothing seems to work on my skin like the teeny bopper brand.  So I will remain an ever loyal customer!
  2. Sephora Cleansing pad
    • I use #2 along with #1 and make my own Clarisonic.  Ugh, I've been wanting one for some time now and I know I need to break down and get one.  But I just haven't seemed to find the time, money or rationale.  But I hear once you get one you can never go back - so maybe I just need to turn in the flimsy cleansing pad and upgrade to the big girl status of the Mia. Or mayyyybe the Easter Bunny will bring it in my basket! -  Cough, cough: PENNY, ARE YOU READING THIS?!)
  3. Amor, Amor by Cacharel
    • My musk.  Again, a tried and true Katie-ism.  I was at the ripe old age of 17 when I found this stuff. My long time bestie, Jessica and I flew out to Denver, CO to visit her older sister Megan at the University of Denver.  Megan drove the coolest black 4-runner, played volleyball in Colorado, and took us to Bruegger's Bagels to eat lunch one day (side note: I still love all of these things, and I think it is all partially due to this trip, because I was so entranced by the whole scenario).  Anyways, when we climbed into Megan's ever so awesome Black 4-runner, it smelled so heavenly I swear I could have died a happy teenager right then and there.  And when we went out that night, I spotted the scent.  She spritz a little on before getting out of the car (because she kept a bottle and the lotion in her car - HOW SMART?!). I caught a glimpse of the label and I swore I'd make the purchase as soon as I got home.  Annnnnd here we are today. I still track the stuff down (on the Internet because they don't see it in many stores) and wear it like no other. Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't throw in other scents every now and again, and Hubs buys me new perfumes.  But this is the one that tugs my heart strings. - Also, Megan if you're reading this - I apologize for how creepy I sound! 
  4. Mebco Teasing Comb
    • As I write this, I shrill at the thought of my life without it.  Now, I am by no means a "the higher the hair, the closer to Jesus" kind of girl, in that BIG hair is a must.  BUUUT, if my hair has not been teased at least a little bit, I feel downright heinous.  It's part of my routine.  I picked it up on college, well before the Snooki poof.  But, I rocked a decent half-up|half-down poof, and always added volume to my pony.  It's a must have item. MUST. HAVE. MUST.
  5. Brazil Nut Body Butter
    • I don't know about ya'll but I think it's kind of a challenge to find a good lotion.  I feel like many lotions have flaws: too greasy, not heavy enough, too heavy, overly scented, smells like an old lady, etc.  This little beaut seems to be just the right amount of scent, creaminess (hate that word), and non greasy.  Plus, it's an easy snag at your local Target!
  6. Oscar Blandi - Pronto Dry Shampoo (powder)
    • So, I'm one of those gals who always has wispy hairs in my face and some for (any length) of bangs hanging (even when I rock a pony).  So those fringe pieces around my face tend to get a little oily.  Plus, having dark hair - they seem to grease up a little quicker.  WELL - dry shampoo is my best friend when it comes to needing to throw myself together in a pinch.  I sprinkle a little on my finger tips - rustle it around my fringe and off I go.  Voila.  Squeaky clean (or at least my hair looks like it)!
  7. Bare Minerals - Warmth - Bronzer
    • Another absolute must have.  Dash a little of this on my cheek bones and I can take on the world.  Just a pop of color without appearing to orangy or oompah-loompah.  Bronzer isn't a gimmick. It's a lifeline.
  8. Osis + Dust It Matifying Powder
    • As mentioned above, in conjunction with my teasing comb.  This magical red bottle brings my roots to life.  The texture is a little funky, so use sparingly until you get the hang of it.  But my hair dresser used this on me for a wedding I was in almost 2 years ago and I've been hooked ever since.  It adds texture, volume and just enough life to SHAZAM those roots!  Buy it on Amazon - it's MUCH cheaper than what it retails for in a salon.
  9. Victoria's Secret - Lip Gloss
    • I won't name names, but I have a friend who tells me I'm not allowed to wear bright colors on my lips (specifically hot pink and red) b/c I've got big lips and big teeth.  Ergo, not a perfect combo.  Bottom line, there are some ladies who can rock it and some who can't.  I fall amongst the "can't" category but I'm okay with it.  This lip gloss has great flavor and doesn't stick with you.  It adds just enough neutral sheen and is great for everyday wear.
  10. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
    • I rub this little cream all over my face before I touch it with a make-up brush.  It helps to smooth everything out, keeps the oil to a minimum and helps to fill in some of those pesky pores.  Plus it keeps your make-up in tact for JUST a little longer.

So there you have it.  All of the items I use to make myself feel BEAUTIMOUS!  Stay tuned all week for updates from some of my best gal pals to see their MUST HAVE items!

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