Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Hubby's Birthday!

I swear I haven't COMPLETELY abandoned my blog - only kind of ;0).
Long story short: let's just say, I've got some kidney complications from pregnancy and it's had me laid up for a little while.  But have no fear - aside from some pain, momma is doing just fine - and little Bennett Boy is enjoying his blissfully warm home and is completely oblivious to all - lucky little fella!

But in other and definitely MORE IMPORTANT news ... it's 

Ain't he just the cutest soon-to-be-daddy you've ever seen?!?!

Maggie and I were sure to wake him up this morning with a very annoying rendition of a birthday song we made up ... and she proceeded to pounce all over him and lick his face so he couldn't possibly go back to sleep.

Once he came downstairs we had a small surprise (UL Tervis Tumblers ... because he's always stealing mine!) and birthday pancakes waiting on him.  He'll get the rest of his gift tonight ... we're having both families over for a big bday dinner.

Now, to be a little bit of a sap .. and in honor of Throwback Thursday ... our first picture of where it all started ... St. Louis, at hubby's fraternity formal.

And just for good measure .. a few more throwback pics of our infamous college days ... where he stole my heart <3 

Shane's my best bud. My partner in crime. My endless entertainment. My voice of reason. My biggest cheerleader. My devil's advocate. My "yes, I'm thinking the exact same thing" look across the table. My constant song and dance performance (for real though, he never stops singing).  My engineer and forever imaginative mind with endless ideas to create.  My quick books and personal finance guru. My restaurant connoisseur. My biggest fan.  My guinea pig on all new meals.  And most of all, the most amazing man I could have ever asked for: My Mr. Wonderful { to be clear ... he's the good Mr. Wonderful, not the mean one on 'Shark Tank' }.  

I've been so lucky to have Shane by my side for all of these years.  And I am  even more lucky and so excited to journey down the parenthood path together. He's going to be the absolute best dad any little kid could possible dream of, and I am so lucky to have him as my better half.

I hope you have a beyond perfect day hubs ~ can't wait to celebrate with you tonight ... and eat your DQ Ice Cream cake ;0) ... Muah, love you bunches!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mommy's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day out there to all of you wonderful ladies who make the world go round.  Relax and enjoy today and giggle at how many professions you have:

          • A chauffeur
          • A chef
          • A house manager
          • A nurse
          • A counselor
          • A coach
          • A teacher
Just to name a few :) ... who knew you were so well versed!

And a special shout out to my leading lady: 
Penny Marie!  

The best momma a gal could ask for.  She's got a smile brighter than the sun, a laugh that is so contagious even a gas mask couldn't keep you from catching it, and an outlook on life that makes Joe Boxer's smiley face look sad.  

 I love you mom, with my whole heart, forever and always!