Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just. Shut. Up.

Anyone who knows my husband at all knows music keeps him alive. He lives his life singing to a never ending sound track of the most random songs. And most often, songs that he ends up making up his own lyrics to, because although the boy's got rhythm and can actually carry a decent tune ... lyric memorization is NOT his strong suit. Nevertheless, Maggie and I love him for it (and Bennett soon will too). Most times we laugh, sometimes we correct him ... but almost always we inevitably end up singing along ;0)

Sometimes however ... when it's entirely too early, or after a long day (I know my college roommates hear me on this one), or when we simply want some quiet time. We offer a hugely dramatic eye roll ... hubs smiles to himself and pipes down. Don't get us wrong ... we love him and his songs ... but sometimes we ladies like quiet time and hearing "I ate the walrus" belted at the top of his lungs in lieu of "I am the walrus" is just not suitable.

Today, my favorite wiener friend decided to have my back and told dad to shut up enough for the both of us.  And, thanks to Instagram's new video gig I happened to be playing with ... I caught the entire scene on tape. Hysterical laughter later ensued. Oh happy day ... it really is all about the little things :0)

Thanks Maggie ... I feel ya girl!

Lucky for her, Maggie is going to get a much needed break before we turn her world upside down. She's got just a few days left of being star of the show before she's not only wanting to tell the hubs to shut his pie hole, but she'll have a baby to contend with as well!  Uncle Max (my baby bro) is the best and has offered to hold the fort down while we're away.  He's going to keep Maggie content until it's time for her to meet her new little brother! 

And officially ... as of today ...the wait is finally over and we're all prepping for the big show that is set to begin tonight.  Little man has officially passed his due date and if yesterday's Ultrasound was correct, he's going to be a good size baby. We're scheduled to head to the hospital this evening to begin the induction process. BUB should probably be joining us sometime late Friday evening/early Saturday morning.  Ohmigoodness, I am so excited/nervous/anxious I can hardly stand it!

Thank you already to all of you that have been sending your love and well wishes. I woke up today to a completely full screen of good luck messages and texts and it was the absolute BEST way to start my day!  Shane and I are constantly talking about how lucky we are, and feel so blessed walking into this with so much love and support.  And we have all of you to thank for that.

So, that's it for today. If you need me I'll be impatiently patiently waiting until it's time to head to the hospital ;0) 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Piece Tuesday

A couple of things to note before we get started today:
1. It is officially Baby U's due date and he is no where in sight (unless your talking about that watermelon in my belly)
2. Because of #2 I am still pregnant ... extremely pregnant
3. Little man loves me, and he's just not ready to meet everyone else
4. His daddy and I have sent him an eviction notice however ... and unless something happens on it's own beforehand, induction is scheduled to begin Thursday night, so we will officially be parents THIS WEEKEND!
5. Be on the look out next week for his big debut post!

Okay, on with today's post.  Yes, it's true bikini season is officially here. As always the season of too much skin, too little clothes, too hot of temperatures, too much water, and hopefully enough booze to match seems to sneak up on us entirely too soon. As I re-read that sentence I noticed used the word "too" entirely TOO much and if I were a clever enough blogger with a topic as easy as TWO piece swimwear .. I'd be able to successfully intertwine the two topics ... alas, I am not. And have exactly zero witty words to make you laugh at this intro.  So, I digress.  Sorry to burst your bubbles.

Moving on ... it's swimsuit season. Pardon me as I sulk in my 9+ month pregnant body while I scan through the latest issues of "best beach bods of 2013" and come to the realization that I'll probably have to wait until 2014 to be back on that list 
*WAHAHAHA ... que hysterical laughter now*

Nevertheless, I enjoy reading the do's and dont's of this season's bikini trends ... and imagining which ones I think I would partake in this season if I were anywhere near bikini ready.  Here are some faves that would be on the top of my purchase list if I were planning to attend this month's boat trip ... and if I considered myself a hi-fashion bikini connoisseur (which I do not). Let's be real, if the bathing suit doesn't come from Vicky Secret's or Target it's not very likely to adorn this bod.

1. Trend Numero Uno: Fringe and Cut Outs
        • LOVE the color
        • LOVE the fringe and that cross pattern at the top
        • LIKE the cut-outs -- still not 100% sold on this trend 
        • Bandeau tops are my friend

2. Trend Numero Dos: Color Block 

        • LOVE the colors
        • LOVE the straps with the bandeau - looks like it would be a good fit for most gals
        • LOVE the price!
        • LIKE the color-block trend (it's a current hit or miss with moi)
        • DISLIKE the fact that this swimsuit is sold on a website called "IM HAUTE" - errrr say whaaa?

3. Trend Numero Tres: Crochet

        • LOVE the cut, this would be a great pool volleyball top
        • LIKE the fact this hits the crochet trend while still avoiding it at the same time ;) 
        • DISLIKE - okay, to be honest this is a trend I just can't seem to get into. Crochet to me is such a waste of money, because I feel like after one wash it never looks the same and/or it's really challenging to be sure to not cross the ever pesky "baring too much" proverbial line

4. Trend Numero Cuatro: Color Block (again)

        • LOVE the color block in this suit
        • LOVE the longer torso top -- but this can get tricky with different figures

5. Trend Numero Cinco: Graphic One Piece

        • LOVE the colors (I know, its number 2's twin sister)
        • LIKE the cut-outs - again, they're growing on me ... but still a hit or miss
        • DISLIKE maybe the fact that it's from Volcom? But, I could totally wear it and rock out to Avril's old school "sk8er girl" for a day and be okay with it.

6. Trend Numero Seis: High Waisted Bottoms
(sad news : no one can seem to find this beaut online : apparently it was sold on HM, but must be sold out)

        • LOVE the colors and floral pattern - so girly!
        • LIKE the high waisted bottoms, I just don't have the body for it, so that's why I can't personally get into it. But I LOVE the retro fashion, and girls that can rock this ABSOLUTELY should! So fun.

7. Trend Numero Siete: Ruffles

        • LOVE the top! It's so fun, and those little pom poms take me back to crafting at summer camp.
        • DISLIKE the bottoms. I think I'd pair the top with something a little more plain.
So there you have it ... Summer 2013 Bikini Fashion from yours truly. Whew, after all that and staring outside at the beautifully HOT weather, I'd say it's about time for a bowl of ice cream ;0)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Letter to Bennett


My heart is bursting as I write this letter. I haven’t even met you and you have already left the biggest impression on my heart.  I once heard having a child was like watching your heart walk outside your body, and I could never fathom such a thought. But boy OH BOY little BUB … is it ever TRUE!  Of course obnoxiously through social media your daddy and I have already introduced to everyone that you will soon be joining our world…but the thought that you get to be our little tag along forever and always in such a short time, is such a happy thought! Your daddy and I are constantly talking about what you would look like, if you will sport daddy’s nose, my lips, my crooked pinkies…you name it – we’ve discussed it. And as we continue to wait for your big debut, the only thing we can do is talk about how we will scour every morsel of your being to learn the next thing! But let me tell you this … regardless of what genes your sporting … to us: YOU ARE PERFECT.

There were times in these past 9 months when it seemed that time was at a standstill {this very moment being one of them ;0)}.  Sometimes I think meeting you will never come.  But knowing you’re about to take your first breath makes every kidney stone, every medical scare, every moan and groan, every everything 100% worth it (and yes I really mean that).  We know life will be different with a baby in our house.  We know it's going to be a whirlwind, but we are ready.  And a family of 4 (I’m including your big sister Maggie – I can’t wait until you’re old enough to pull her tail…hehehe) sounds fabulous!  I promise we won’t stop smooching on you and holding you. And I promise and vow to spend the rest of my life showing you just how special you are. And how very much we love you.

Your daddy and I should likely apologize in the letter as well, because you’ll soon see that we are absolutely smitten over funny outfits and random trinkets to adorn you in … and will likely laugh at your expense and take too many pictures. But I promise it is ALL out of love, and you will have SUCH GREAT photos for your senior banquets and wedding videos – so I’m sure our apology will turn into your later “Thank You”.  And if not, well then at least my photo album can keep us smiling when your daddy and I are old and grey … and you’re out exploring the world.  My heart is so full Bennett.  I am in awe of you … every finger, every toe, every wrinkle, every EVERYTHING. 
Before we welcome you into this world I want to wish you the best {and I should tell you, every time I see the clock at 11:11 I make a wish ... I'll teach you this same game ;0) }. I want to wish you the world.  I want to wish you all the love. I want to wish you:
  • a sense of humor and wit, it will take you far
  • the understanding and importance of family
  • the quality of leadership
  • the ability to understand what's right and wrong
  • the capability to drive a stick shift and be good at it (girl's think it's hott and your mommy can't do it)
  • the knowledge to speak a 2nd language
  • the best group of friends to support you
  • the opportunity and want to travel and explore the world 
  • the compassion of your daddy
  • the heart to love like your Grandma Penny
  • a winner's spirit with the capability to accept and learn from mistakes 
  • the drive to want to try new things (x4)
  • a sense of rhythm  to dance like your daddy (yo momma ain't got none)
  • a brilliant brain and entrepreneurial spirit like your Papaw John
  • days of happiness and laughter
  • the ability to cook like your Sissy
  • that you always know how very much you are loved
  • the ability to find joy in new experiences and to embrace change
  • the thoughtfulness of your Grandpa Mark
  • the quirkiness of your parents and the ability to laugh at yourself
  • a love for athletics
  • better jokes than your daddy ;0)
  • and a heart to love without boundaries

I could go on for days little man, wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness and joy mixed in with a little bit of life's funny moments and quirks, but I think you get the idea. Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you sweet boy ... so don't be shy ... come on and join us already!~

Until we meet,
Your Mommy

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Day!!

Today's the day every girl (both big and small) is reminded of their first love, their Daddy.

For me, my dad is more than just my first love.  He's THE MAN.

* The king of homemade BBQ sauce.
* The inventor or late night secret beach walks on spring break.
* The man with the best ice cream options (one scoop chocolate, one scoop vanilla).
* The BOSS. (like for reals)
* The absolute best story teller I've ever met.
* A good ole' boy.
* A man of many accents.
* The source of my stubbornness ;0)
* A serious softy (more than he'd ever admit).
* The best head of a household my family could ever ask for.
* A realist and a dreamer who preaches the value of self discipline and reliance.
* An real life entrepreneur.
* A fisherman.
* A Natural born leader and great role model.
* THE party - and a fellow beer lover.
* The only person I know who actually EATS Vienna sausages, and likes them.
* The first coach I ever had, who set my standards way to high,
* The man who taught me the importance of enjoying a GOOD breakfast & a GREASY cheeseburger.
* Someone who has a serious way with words.
* And most importantly: my daddy. My rock. My advice bank. My harsh reality when I need it. And my occasional partner in crime. 

Dad, you deserve so much more than we are able to give. And I simply cannot wait to see you become a Papaw in a few days. Seeing you and little BB together makes my heart smile, and he is so lucky to have such a strong man to look up to and guide him in a way only grandfather's can.

I love you dad. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Parenting 101 ~ My Style

All signs are pointing to the fact that I am, without a shadow of a doubt, about to me a mommy.  A real-life mom. In charge of someone else. Completely responsible for their well being. Making decisions that will likely haunt them for the rest of their lives.  

Lucky, I've got some time before I have to make SUPER important decisions ... and right now I only lose sleep over choosing the right brand of diaper rash ointment, whether or not the blue in his socks match the onesie he'll be adorning the moment he leaves the hospital, and how in the world to work his car seat and stroller (I mean are all of the additional straps, warning labels, and 25 buttons that don't work REALLY necessary!?) I mean, surely this will work right?


But for real, parenting?! HOLY COW. That's a lot coming at me.  

Luckily, while researching some parenting tricks and other unnecessary things while I should be working. I stumbled upon these nuggets and they make me feel much better about the whole scenario.  If I can amount to be even half as much as these guys, I think little Bennett boy will turn out quite alright.

  • The Parents who are planning for the future:

  • The masterminds behind the WiFi:

  • The dad who taught his son the classics (I can totally see Shane doing this)

  • This dad, who obviously has the kindest heart in the whole world

  • The parents who team up with the tooth fairy
  • This dad ... enough said

Those were some of my favorites I wanted to share, but see plenty more awesome parents from the original link here.  

Anywhodles, that's my funny share for the day.  Toodahloo.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Confession: I think I'm ... pregnant!

Really, I think I am.  If it weren't for the swollen ankles and feet, extra pouty lips, puffy nose, puffy cheeks, slight extra jiggle, super cute waddle, and the ever apparent basketball I apparently swallowed you MAY be able to convince me otherwise. But due to the previous mentioned symptoms ... all signs are pointing to ... an extremely PREGNANT lady.

Indeed, life has changed, but truly I'll take it, because the amount of excitement I have to meet this little man is enough to make me burst! I'm not fishing for "make me feel better comments" I swear, I'm simply laughing at my own expense ... Publicly.  Because without humor and no wine allowed, I honestly don't know how I'd have stayed sane for 9 months. So on this confessional Friday I think I'll share some confessions.

I confess ...
  • I confess ... my sweet tooth is getting the best of me and my lack of self control is astonishing
  • I confess ... If I have to say "yep, still pregnant" to the people at work one more time i may scream
  • I confess ... At 37 weeks I'm technically considered full term, even though I have 3 weeks to go before my "actual due date"... so little man could join us at any moment, and we cannot wait to meet him. 
  • I confess ... I am so overly excited in a Jessie Spano type of way that I'm not sure what is happening
  • I confess ... I am ridiculously excited that the mango chicken salad is back at Qdoba
  • I confess ... I'm not kidding about the swollen ankles deal ... after a day at the office and not enough water ... My ankles are truly a site to be seen
  • I confess ... Last week Bennett was not head down and the amount of ridiculous antics I tried to get little man to turn literally brought hubs and I to tears from fits of laughter (next confession: IT WORKED!)
  • I confess ... I am walking, eating spicy foods, and trying every "natural" way possible to start labor 
  • I confess ... I wasn't a big fan of posting weekly keeping up with the bump pictures from the beginning, because that's just not my style.  
  • I confess ... I've gone long enough without a belly pic and it may be time to finally share.  So for all of you who keep asking ... here you go.  
  • I confess ... I made sure to wear black because it's ultra slimming, ha ;0)  
  • I confess ... to probably annoy you in the next couple of months because I promise to share PLENTY of pictures and ridiculous mommy moments ASAP. {BUT i will try my best to NOT over share!}
Have a great weekend my friends!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


A big shout out to Houndmouth!

Houndmouth is a collaborative folk rock band from the farmlands of Indiana and Kentucky. Their poetry emphasizes foolhardiness, and their soulful harmonies carry far. Once a folk duo, Katie Toupin and Matt Myers (of the Saint James Hotel) joined up with Shane Cody (Riffraff Revival) and Zak Appleby to create a colossal electric sound with bouncy half-time beats, punchy guitar riffs and a bit of facial hair.

*Shameless claim to fame plug* 
I went to school with Katie and Shane (the two pictured in the middle) ... and am so happy for their success! 

They were on Conan O'brien last night and killed it! Check it out below:

They also just celebrated the release of their first album: 
From the Hills Below the City 
(album cover pictured above).

You can check it out on iTunes here or Amazon here.

I want to wish them continued success and good fortune on their journey!  We're all rooting for you!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SHOWERed with LOVE {pt. 3}

I know what you're thinking ... 3 showers ... seriously, is that necessary?  The answer is likely no, no it is not. BUT I've said it before and I'll say it again. I truly have the greatest support system, and little BUB is being born into so much LOVE it makes my heart melt.  So, yes I have had 3 showers. 

Mom and Pops are both Cincinnati | Williamsburg | Newport | Ohio | Northern, KY natives, so the bulk of my extended side of the family still lives there. So, mom wanted to throw a shower for both her and dad's side of the family, as well as momma's gal pals.  And she did SUCH A SPECTACULAR job!  My Aunt Toby worked her hands to the bone right alongside momma and also deserves a BIGG shout out! Smooches to you both!

But before I start sharing details of the day I need to say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ... to all of my family that drove over 2 hours to come spoil me and little man.  Seriously, that means so much to me. 

Okay, now onto the deetz   :0)

For starters .. we decided on a Saturday shower, because so many of the guests would be traveling. So we wanted to let them be able to come down ... head back home and still have some weekend time of their own.  But ADDED bonus! ... because the shower was Saturday, that meant that MaKenzie and Maebyn came down Friday night to stay with me!!  So I got an extra dose of love and extended play time ... simply. the. BEST.

We hadn't seen each other for a while ... and remember MaK is pregnant with IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS, and is about 10 weeks behind me. We were SO excited to compare bellies ... moving right along ... cannot wait to meet those pretties! 

We headed back to the casa to dish all things pregnancy, babies, and just catch up (Hubs was loving every minute of it, let me tell you ... hehehe)

We gave sweet baby Maebyn a bath, and oooed and aahed at how she is the most adorably precious thing I have ever seen. I mean seriously, can you even try to tell me she is not the SWEETEST!?

I am still so amazed at how beautiful she is, and how quickly she is growing up :( UGH I absolutely HATE that they live so far away. I want to see them all the tiiiiime!

Okay, enough pouting.  Onto the beautiful shower! The house was adorned with the most precious decorations, and I forgot to snag a photo of the invite (DANGIT!), but it was awesome.  The theme was "No Pink Allowed" and totally ALL BOY :0)  MaKenzie helped Mom's bring her vision to life and created all of the print collateral. - SUPERB job ladies.

 LOVE the Blocks and the truck!

 There was a station set up (sorry, photo is kind of dark), but everyone was supposed to write wishes for sweet baby boy. And reading through them was such a treat after I got home. I 've put some of my favorites in his baby book and stashed the rest away for a rainy day when he is older :0)

Duhh ... Daisies ... My fave!

And, to satisfy momma's sweet tooth ... a Little dirt pudding for those messy boys :) and and BOY OH BOY an oh so adorable cake! I'm a sucker for cute cakes I've decided. And all of my showers have been crazy CUTE!

And then, of course: cookies from the infamous cookie lady to take home! Adorned with another cutesy card! I may or may not have taken the leftovers and eaten them at work nearly everyday sporadically, for the next week or so...

Biggest fail of the shower ... I did not get one single picture with my momma ... the greatest hostess of all! :( WHAT in the world were we thinking?! SO STUPID.

However, We did happen to capture this great shot of me and my main gal.  So I guess I can go one living :)

But seriously, thank you for all of the hard work put into making it such a perfectly special day. I loved every second if it, and Bennett cannot wait to meet all of you!  Especially his sweet Grandma he has heard so much about and thank her for his big party to help bring him into the world. We LOVE YOU! Counting my blessings today, in a big way.