Friday, June 7, 2013

Confession: I think I'm ... pregnant!

Really, I think I am.  If it weren't for the swollen ankles and feet, extra pouty lips, puffy nose, puffy cheeks, slight extra jiggle, super cute waddle, and the ever apparent basketball I apparently swallowed you MAY be able to convince me otherwise. But due to the previous mentioned symptoms ... all signs are pointing to ... an extremely PREGNANT lady.

Indeed, life has changed, but truly I'll take it, because the amount of excitement I have to meet this little man is enough to make me burst! I'm not fishing for "make me feel better comments" I swear, I'm simply laughing at my own expense ... Publicly.  Because without humor and no wine allowed, I honestly don't know how I'd have stayed sane for 9 months. So on this confessional Friday I think I'll share some confessions.

I confess ...
  • I confess ... my sweet tooth is getting the best of me and my lack of self control is astonishing
  • I confess ... If I have to say "yep, still pregnant" to the people at work one more time i may scream
  • I confess ... At 37 weeks I'm technically considered full term, even though I have 3 weeks to go before my "actual due date"... so little man could join us at any moment, and we cannot wait to meet him. 
  • I confess ... I am so overly excited in a Jessie Spano type of way that I'm not sure what is happening
  • I confess ... I am ridiculously excited that the mango chicken salad is back at Qdoba
  • I confess ... I'm not kidding about the swollen ankles deal ... after a day at the office and not enough water ... My ankles are truly a site to be seen
  • I confess ... Last week Bennett was not head down and the amount of ridiculous antics I tried to get little man to turn literally brought hubs and I to tears from fits of laughter (next confession: IT WORKED!)
  • I confess ... I am walking, eating spicy foods, and trying every "natural" way possible to start labor 
  • I confess ... I wasn't a big fan of posting weekly keeping up with the bump pictures from the beginning, because that's just not my style.  
  • I confess ... I've gone long enough without a belly pic and it may be time to finally share.  So for all of you who keep asking ... here you go.  
  • I confess ... I made sure to wear black because it's ultra slimming, ha ;0)  
  • I confess ... to probably annoy you in the next couple of months because I promise to share PLENTY of pictures and ridiculous mommy moments ASAP. {BUT i will try my best to NOT over share!}
Have a great weekend my friends!

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