Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I scream, You scream

We all scream for ice cream!

My adorable niece Emmie turned 5 last week, and it was an all ice cream throw down at her birthday party. You may remember her from this post about last year's birthday present. This year there was no crafting for her actual present, but there was crafting for her party!

Her sweet momma had lots and lots going on on the weeks before Miss Emmie Lou's party, so she asked me to help.  You already know I went straight to Pinterest to get my brain thinking in the right direction. Here was some of my inspiration:

So, I hit the craft box and tried to throw together some cutesy ice cream inspired decor while little man was sleeping. I'd say the outcome was decent considering I was limited on time and hands with the new babe :)

I know, it's a horrible picture and the quality is super shotty, but you get the idea. I'll share a tutorial on the party hat in an upcoming post and try to walk you through the ice cream cones as well.  Blogger fail, I forgot to take pictures of how to make the cones.  

But the party was a huge success, and the water slide her parents had set up in the back yard made me sad I was attending the party as an adult and not a kiddo.  I mean, watersides at birthday parties?! How awesome is that?? 
(Again, blogger fail.  I took a video but forgot to snag a picture. DANG!)  

Miss Emmie was a fabulous birthday girl! Happy Birthday lil' lady!

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