Friday, September 6, 2013

Baggage Confession

I little rant on Confessional Friday if I may ...


I mean for realz y'all.  How is it possible that in their bagger training (which I assume they have?) their supervisor didn't happen to mention that canned goods do NOT go on top of my bread. This is a bagger fail, epic baggage failure. And furthermore, when I take the time to unload my grocery cart and put my chilled dairy items together or cluster my fruit items and maybe even put my canned goods next to one another on the miniature conveyor belt ... do you think it's possible that I have done this for a reason? Well, news flash mister ... indeed I have.
Am I alone in my OCD grocery baggage madness? Or do the rest of you go Krogering (or Piggly Wigglying or Publixing or Whereevering) and cringe when you see your helpful bagger at the end of the moving food machine throw your massive jar of spaghetti sauce right on top of your apples. Only to get home and deal with what are now oozing applesauce bruises that you are certain were not there when you picked them from the apple pile.  I mean come on guy, I don't even like applesauce.  And furthermore, even if I did like the gritty fruit substance I would want to purchase a fresh jar of it ... I can assure you I don't need you making it for me inside my plastic bag.
So here's the deal. The big baggage deal.  My name is Katie and I confess I have a problem.  I am entirely too concerned about futile life issues and they bother me so much that I have taken it upon myself to share it with the world.  I, nor you, will ever get the minutes back it took to write/read this post. Nevertheless, I feel much better this is off my chest.  Thanks for listening to my crazy baggage. 

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Peace, love and better bagging.

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  1. GUILTY!!! I'm an OCD conveyer belt organizing, bagger complaining member. You are not alone my friend.


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