Friday, September 27, 2013

I May Have Peed a Little.

Last night hubs and I had the beautiful moment.  One of life's little moments where I say or show him something I find absolutely hysterical ... the comedic gods align and he finds it equally as hysterical as I do, and the moment begins ...  
He suddenly squeezes his eyes shut and starts shaking his head while laughing so hard little streams of salty tears start running down his cheeks. He covers his mouth with his hands as his wide-eyed face turns red and then violently throws his head into the couch cushion — and I can see shiny reflections sparkle in his glittery wet eyes. Big booms bounce off walls until he eventually slows down, gasps for air, and opens his eyes wide while wet snifflingsmiling widely, and regaining his composure.
And then he looks me right in the eyes and smiles. And I look him right in the eyes and smile.  And it starts all over again.  Ahh, makes my belly hurt just thinking about it I was laughing so hard.  Such great times. Laughter really is the best medicine.
So, what was said perfectly aligned comedic agreement you ask? Phteven.
 Simply Phteven.
Oh. Em. Gee. As if the top portion isn't funny enough ... then there is the dog's face. The dog's face. Wow. Really got us. 

So, in honor of Phteven, let's link up with our lady Whitney over at Yoga Pants for a little #backthatazzup friday and listen to a little Chili Peppers "Funny Face"!
Funny Face by Red Hot Chili Peppers on Grooveshark

Okay, I need to compose myself - over and out.

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