Thursday, October 24, 2013

Four Generations

Now that I've shared one of the greatest miracles to grace our family to date, I can finally share the most perfect weekend spent at my Aunt Toby's house!  While MaKenzie and I still had a short time left on maternity leave, we planned an overnight gals trip to gush everything baby and get our wee-ones together while snuggling with OUR mommies :) .... I told you it was perfect.
My Aunt Toby (she actually has a beautiful name: Treva Lynn) ... but we've grown up calling her Toby our entire life.  It has something to do with a doll she used to carry around by the toe as a little girl, but regardless she's always be our beloved Tobes :)

Anywhoodles, she and Uncle Dan recently built a BEA-UTIFUL new home, and that made for the perfect backdrop of our generational sleepover.
I mean, are you serious with this swing right now? 
I want one so bad! Amaze.
The rest of the weekend was filled with oodles of girl talk, playing with babies, and eating delicious food. Could there be anything better?
And what would a family get together be without Maebyn teasing her younger cousin :) hehe.
Love these ladies, and my sweet boy of course, so very much. In the words of my Uncle Gary "a moment in time, lived by all!"


  1. LOVE!! Can't wait to do this again soon <3 "A moment in time..." :o) xxxo *Noellie


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