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Mommyhood Musthaves: 0-3 Months

Alrightyroo. Mommyhood is in full swing and I'm learning all things baby every day. Just like everyone says, it has proven to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles I have ever experienced. But I'm quickly learning there are SEVERAL people whom have also taken on the mommy challenge and have put their entrepreneurial skills to work in creating fancy little devices that help to make a day in mommyland MUCH more pleasant. Praise sweet baby Jesus for these people, and these items. 

 My mommyhood must have items for the first 3 months of life: 

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Mommyhood Musthaves
Here's the deal. Bennett is a bit of a spitty baby, and he's also entered the drooling and blowing bubbles era of his life. Therefore, drool and spit up have graced nearly every item in our home that Bennett comes in contact with. Sheer bliss, let me tell you. Moreover, his crib sheets, which he spends a good portion of his time around because little man is an A+ sleeper get a good amount of drool action. And, these sheet savers do just what they're meant to do: Save mommy from having to wash his *nearly impossible to take on and off* sheets. Cheap and effective, just my style. 

 A baby monitor is a baby monitor right? 
I put hubs in charge of picking out the baby monitor from day one. I was all about selecting a bazillion adorable must have items for the baby registries, but didn't want to spend a bunch of time reading reviews about monitors, so Shane became head of that ship. He decided to go with this guy and we're really happy with it. It's got incredible range, a fun video doohinky and the best part ... it's got an app so Hubs can check on little buddy while he's at work and see his sweet boy napping. Plus it's a nice feature if you need to run out to get the mail or something and want to check in on your phone without having to have the little monitor screen. Or late at night when I'm on the computer I can just check in via the web and hubs can keep his video in the basement, etc. ... you get the idea. It's pretty cool. We also looked into the Apple monitor ... and that one seems pretty sweet too. I'd be pleased with either. 

 These little packets make getting out the door quickly a breeze. The little compartment formula cases are also great, but having these spill proof packets ready to go are great for any diaper bag. 

These have been AWESOME this summer. They are light enough to keep BUBs swaddled without making him too hot, and they are long enough so even the worst swaddle job seems alright. Plus, Bennett is so active he often manages to get the blanket all up in his face and these blankets are so light he can breathe through them and I don't have a heart attack thinking he's smothering himself! 

 I'm a big fan of this baby tub. The lining in the back helps to grip the babe and keep him in place during bath time. It's got the perfect tilt, so he's upright, but still in the water. I'm sure you could live without this one, but every baby needs a bath and we love ours :) 

Holy, best thing ever. This guy has been a life saver. For starters, after you have a C-section the doctors really recommend you don't go up and down the stairs very often. So, seeing as though our bedroom is on the 2nd floor ... this little number was easily placed downstairs in my makeshift bedroom! Additionally, it came with an awesome little bassinet attachment that Bennett used for the first month or so. I didn't want to purchase a bassinet, so this little number was EXCELLENT. And last but certainly not least, it also has a changing table attachment which is clutch for travel and downstairs diaper changes. 

These may just be a little baby boy necessity, but similar to the sheet saver, these make clean up a breeze. Although we've managed to get a grasp on the golden showers, Bennett still manages to surprise us every now and again. These guys allow me to just swap out a new one, but still keep the actual changing pad on the changer thing-a-ma-jig for a little longer. Less laundry = happy Katie. But seriously, newborn laundry is out of control! Summer Infant 

My little man LOVES to be swaddled. I mean LOVES it. These are his nighttime swaddles and they work perfectly. If he's sleeping nearly 8 hours, I'd say these wraps are doing their job. And just as important as it is for little man to sleep ... hubs and I are also sleeping. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

My cousin MaKenzie and her husband Ross used to call their swing the third parent when they had their first little one (they now have 3 ... we've got a play date next week, so just hold your horses and I promise to gush all the deetz). Nevertheless, they were DEAD ON. The swing is indeed the third parent. An extra set of great hands that Bennett loves to be in. Yahoo! 

This one is just fun. Whether it's a fun distraction waiting at a stoplight or a fun reminder little man is in the backseat even when he's sleeping ... it's fun. And it's a great peace of mind everything is A-ok back there. Plus it helps ME find his paci when he's dropped it and I can't see all the way around the car seat canopy. 

Graco Sound Machine
A real life baby whisperer in the form of a device. Bennett LOVES, LOVES the sound of water or white noise. Hubs and I also both rely heavily on the Sound Sleeper app on our iPhones. But this guys does the trick to keep little man a snoozin' through the night and keeps him calm during a melt down. It also plays great tunes, and you can even hook up your iPod and it can be a speaker for 3am dance parties when you're so deliriously tired that's the only thing that makes sense ... not that we've done that or anything :)

Bouncer Seat
This is actually the Snugabunny ... which conveniently can also become a swing ... we have the monkey version ... but bottom line the bouncer is a good friend.  Similar to the swing, it's another pair of hands.  And it also just helps out when Bennett doesn't want to lay down. Plus, we used this on the boat and it helped to absorb the shock of wake, which made for some great times. Bennett also uses this as his "TV chair" when I plop him down for some Baby Einstein for about 10-15 minutes.

 So there you have it gang. My current favorite mommy must haves for the first couple months of BUB's life! I'll be sure to check-in in a couple of months  once our interests change, but today we're happy with these little doodads :)

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