Monday, October 21, 2013

Smokey Mountain Munchkins

Good ole' Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee!

Last week our little family piled in my parents ridiculously awesome astro van and settled in for the long haul to make our trek to the Smokey Mountains ... with an impressive stop in Nashville too!

Long story short, my pops is a big time game fisher (like blue marlin and stuff) and has a fishing boat in the Bahamas, so he heads down for big tournaments and always comes back with crazy stories. His latest and greatest is a young fella he met at a tournament: Colton James.  He's an up and coming country artist and basically, dad's getting involved with the whole shebang.

So, we headed to Nashville for a full day of "laying some new tracks" (I learned the lingo) in the Ocean Way Recording studios. Thank heavens for the upstairs lounge area where BUBs snoozed away while the band kicked it up downstairs.

I've never seen that side of things ... SO cool. It took some serious self control to not touch all the BUTTONS! I'm such a child.

After a LONG day in the studio, we piled back in the car to head on to Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg had a dual purpose. One, we were just havin' a hollerin' good time with the babe on our first real trip. Two, Colton was shooting a music video for his song 101 Proof and we were gonna see some Hollywood movie makin' magic (so stinkin cool). 
After we checked out the music video and got lost for nearly 3 hours trying to find "the cemetery"
We decided it was time to actually see Gatlinburg and let Bennett be strolled and Bjorned until his little heart was content. 
Bahhh...the baby sunglasses and that hat. The cutest munchkin I ever did see. And his daddy's pretty cute too <3

We had such a great time ... a few more favorites:
And perhaps my most favorite of all ... Bennett fell asleep next to the real mountain river in PaPaw's arms. Gahhh. 
THE most precious. Ever.

And because no one is allowed to leave Gatlinburg without an old timey photo, we made sure to get one of those too. Just for good measure.
Until next time Tennessee. 

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