Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bennett: 4 Months

Little man keeps growing! He's 4 months old as of October 28th Penny's Birthday. He still stellar, just in case you were wondering.

Little BUB, here's what is happening.

How big are you?

  • At your appointment Monday you were 19 weeks old. 
    • Height: 27.25 inches (95th percentile)
    • Weight: 14.5lbs 14oz (25th percentile)
    • Head: 42.5 inches (50th percentile)
  • Still Long and lean little bubba! Can you teach me how to be that way? :)

What's your temperament?
  • Still showing us all sorts of personality, and starting to become a bit more finicky about your likes and dislikes, including who's holding you.
  • Your loving to be held "like" is starting to change, and now you only like it because you love to be able to explore at a higher level and you only love to snuggle in the morning. Wah!
  • Continuing to find your voice, and Boy, OH BOY, do you make it known that you have one. You actually love to scream now, and we laugh hysterically. You've also learned how to cough, and we swear you do it just to get a rise out of people.
  • Your schedule is becoming more and more patterned. You 're starting to be ready for bed a little earlier and you're now going down between 8:45-9:30 and you're up and at em' between 7:00-7:30
  • Your smiles are still the best part of our day. And you continue to add giggling to the mix. Daddy and I are always trying to find new ways to make you laugh. And you're starting to be extremely ticklish under your ribs. We always have a laugh-fest after bath time. Your giggle is insanely awesome. It makes us laugh so hard.

How much are you eating?

  • Feeding amounts keep growing too!  We're now consistently at 6 oz (about every 2.5-3 hours) and ohhhh man .... we've added rice cereal!  It makes feeding time SO much more messy and infinitely more fun. And you absolutely love it!  You're starting to open up your mouth so wide, and airplane noises are your fave!
  • Still enjoying your 1oz freak out (even though now we're letting you have like 4 oz before even trying and you still FREAK). We still burp you after every ounce or two because you have the tendency to be a spitty baby, and this seems to help. However, you are NOT a happy camper. HATE TO BE BURPED. Your daddy and I refer to it as the First Ounce Freak Out. You still haven't learned we promise to give the bottle back, we're just trying to help?! :)
  • The doctor also switched your formula on Monday, we changed you from Similac advanced to Enfamil gentlease. We think this may help with your spitting and a little bit of reflux. Fingers crossed!

What are you sporting?

  • You're now rocking number 2 diapers, still Pampers people and they seem to keep you extra happy. Still a big fan of that blue line that let's us know if you're wet or not. And at nighttime you're sleeping in baby dry diapers. You have an uncanny ability to SOAK a diaper at night and the baby dry keep you extra comfy at nighttime so it doesn't wake you up because you feel so yucky
  • Avent paci's for the win. They're in every room of our house. We've thrown in some Nuk's too, because they're funny and have funny sayings on them or mustaches and such.
  • You're rocking some 3-6 months or 6 month attire. You've even worn a couple of 6-9 month items. 
  • We still love your kickee pants sleepers. They are the softest, bestest thing ever.
  • We also bought you your first pair of baby boots ... and they're Frye. OMG I couldn't help myself!

How are you sleeping?

  • Rockstar sleeper. ROCKSTAR.
  • Your naps are still somewhat unpredictable. Your two morning naps are for sure. You're up for about 45 minutes after each feeding and then back down. Other than that you take at least a little catnap between each feeding, but no set pattern.
    • Your best and longest nap is after your morning feeding - we can usually get at least an hour, sometimes 2 out of you.
    • Before this nap is also one of our favorite times with you. Right before daddy goes to work and after you've had your morning bottle you are the SWEETEST little munchkin in all the land.
    • You've had a little cold/sickness/nastiness for the last couple of weeks and therefore you've regressed a little bit and you're waking up once or twice a night (I think it's due to the congestion) but we just give you your paci and rock you real quick and you're back down.
  • Nighttime sleeper extraordinaire 
    • Still sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT! 
    • You're loving your Halo Sleep Sack .. that way you feel somewhat swaddled, but your little arms are free.

Bennett Likes and Dislikes:

  • Likes:
    • Tummy time 
    • Your jungle gym
    • Mirrors! You love looking at yourself and watching you giggle and get excited in the mirror is hours of endless entertainment!
    • Baby Einstein YouTube videos
    • BATH TIME.  You LOVVVEE bath time. And your bath time toys! 
    • Anyone talking or singing to you, you're such a social little butterfly!
    • Being outside. You are enamored with trees.
    • Your bouncy chair and your jumperoo!
    • Toys, you're starting to really see and want to play with things and put them directly in your mouth :) too fun.
    • Grabbing hair {OUCH!} ... you always get handfuls.
    • Your hands, fists and FEET. They are constantly finding their way into your mouth ... can't keep em out!
    • The Baby Bjorn.  You LOVE to ride around.
  • Dislikes:
    • Being burped 
    • Being held like a baby. Ha, I know that sounds silly, but you want to be upright.
    • Your car seat, when you've been in there for too long you are NOT happy.
    • Shots.  Regardless of how good they are for you, they're stupid and they make both you and your mommy cry.
Fun moments, favorite notes, Bennett quirks & Milestones:
  • You're officially on watch at all times. You're rolling over from back to front and front to back like it's your job, so you can no longer be left unattended anywhere!
  • You experienced your first holiday, Halloween, as a little cowboy!
  • You were baptized! Such a fun day!
  • We went to the pumpkin patch!
  • Capturing your smiles via camera is still a personal challenge of mine and I get wayyy too excited when I get a good one - here's my favorite this month. I love it.
All in all, we're just soaking up every inch of you being a baby and needing us so very much, because as you continue to grow we know these days are fleeting. We are so excited to watch you grow, but ugh I wish time would slow down sometimes and we could live everyday like a Saturday when our whole family is holed up in the house and we just giggle and chill. You're the perfect munch!

You're our favorite little man. And we love our little family of three, you're the best addition!

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  1. This was such a good start to my morning :) What a great 4-5 months for BUB!! So many fun things, you guys are awesome parents. Love you four!! *~ Noellie


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