Monday, April 14, 2014

First Birthday Fancies

First birthday. First birthday.. FIRST BIRTHDAYYY.

What am I saying right now?! How is it already time to start thinking about my favorite little man turning a year old? How is it possible the first year of his life is coming to a close? How is it possible? HOW?! How did this happen? Just hold on real quick while I go grab another Kleenex, K?

I am so excited to celebrate with him and the thought of him and a little smash cake smeared all over his face/hands/belly/etc. makes me giddy with excitement, but HOLY BAJEEZE. A year old. Crazy sauce.

Alas, it's happening. I keep telling myself if I wait and don't plan it, it won't happen. Buuuut, that's sort of like telling yourself that if you eat the last 4 Oreos it really doesn't matter because there isn't a big difference between 2 cookies and 6. No? No one else reasons that way with themselves? Well, that's Katie logic at it's finest right there. So, I guess that means it's time to settle the brain into planning mode and maybe my butt onto the exercise bike at the same time to work off the 10 Oreos I just lied to you about :)

So there's where the brain currently is folks ... babies and birthday parties! WHAT FUN!  I'd love to hear some of your ideas and/or fabulous birthday party themes you've seen or heard.

For some reason right now I'm loving the idea of a Circus theme ...
Happy Birthday Banners - 9 Options to Choose From! Great For Boys and Girls at
And let's be honest, because I love all things vintage ... I'm still trying to catch my breath after seeing this ... A VINTAGE CIRCUS THEME. In love with this.
Vintage Circus / Carnival Party with A LOT of Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | #vintage #carnival #circus #girl #boy #party #ideas #supplies
 But I also love a self-made ONEderland, because I could really make that be anything I want, and wouldn't be tied to a theme .... but who am I kidding ... I love themes. c7b827c1a41d869913ecba1beb1379c1.jpg (640×960)
Oh man, I've created a monster. I'm overdosing on Pinterest and Google searches.



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