Friday, April 18, 2014

Over the Easter Limit

Okay, okay, I realize I'm over the Easter limit and this is my second post about Easter and our baby. I also know I will be posting a fabulous picture on Easter Sunday to wish all of you a Happy Easter, so I am certainly going to be over the posting about Easter limit.  But, I'm back in blogging mode and feel compelled to share. Sue me.

So, while I was at the grocery store last week I spotted the Easter aisle. Of course my baskets for Bennett and the nieces and nephews have been complete for weeks, but I felt a yearning to walk down the aisle just ONE more time to make sure I wasn't missing anything fabulous. It was at that very moment I completely forgot I have a 9 month old who has absolutely ZERO clue what the heck is going on; and instead thought I had a 4 year old who was all excited about Easter. Clearly it was me who was excited, but that's neither here nor there.

That brings us to the check out lane: two different packages of egg dye (just in case one worked better than the other), two cartons of eggs, a Happy Easter banner, a new egg carrier to store died eggs, a fancy plate to display them, and two bottles of while distilled vinegar later and here we are.

For future reference, or if there happen to be any parents out there who may be reading this in the future and considering taking on the task … let me give you a word of advice: DON'T. Simply DO NOT. I was all "this will make for some adorable Easter photos" and "Bennett will be so happy to look back at these pictures one day and remember how much fun his parents were when he was a kid" and "it will be fun for me and Shane too". Ha, right. Wishful thinking Katie, wishful thinking. More like DISASTER. Flipping DISASTER.

The staged pictures make you think we were having a good time and everything was great:
Grandma, don't be alarmed … Hubs is hiding behind him, safety first folks.  
 Of course he needed to try and eat the eggs, it wouldn't be any task without it.

It was right about this moment right here when we said "maybe we should take his clothes off in case things start to get messy …?" So, now we have a not only a baby dyeing Easter eggs, but a naked baby. This has to end up fabulous, right?
Here's right about where the fun, free loving Easter egg dye went south … starting with Bennett realizing hard boiled eggs are indeed NOT indestructible.
Yep, that's right you can break them open buddy. But, OH SHANE STOP HIM! … you cannot eat that shell mister.
Okay, Bennett - reroute and distract. Let's color some of the eggs buddy. First pick your favorite color and drop it in here like this….
Then, let's have great manners and be real neat and tidy and wipe off our fingertips on a paper towel. 
 Now, smile at the camera for Daddy and get a really cute picture. Oh this is funnn!!
Okay, you want to try one more? Alright! Let's make a pink one for …. OHHHHH SH*****T. No no no no don't grab it. You'll knock all of them over .. ohhhhhhh boyyyyyy
Bahahhahaaha. Shane, you're going to need more paper towels.
Uhm, and maybe grab those Clorox wipes while you're at it … it kind of looks like it's staining the white cabinets.
Fail. Epic fail. We got three eggs and one with splattered speckles. I now have 21 hardboiled eggs chilling in my fridge just waiting for some color love. I guess we'll just have to eat them instead.

Well, there's always next year. Maybe it'll be better next year right?

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