Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last of Life at the Lake

How's that title for a little alliteration on a Tuesday? It seems like Labor Day and the close of summer brought out the best back to school I had in me.  We closed out summer surrounded by family and friends in our happy place: Lake Cumberland.

It started off not so happy, when a hornet's nest decided to land in the overhang of our cabin. And then one of the angry little nuggets came after me, stinging me in the neck and arm. Good Gah I'd forgotten how bad that hurts! Shane hadn't arrived yet, and his motto is: if there aren't pictures it didn't happen … so once my dad sprayed the heck out of the nest I snapped a pic of one of the dead ones. Kind of cool pic though, no?
 I snuggled and played with my two favorite littles all weekend. First my favorite human munchkin.
 And then my favorite non-human munchkin.
 And then another little munchkin joined the party, and Baby Bennett played with his buddy Brooks all weekend. Double trouble!

 And Maggie had had enough. Those two wore her out.
 But they made sure to keep going ;)
 And of course we played in the lake! Uncle Champion Max (he's requested this be his name) is one heck of a pulley system.
 And Bennett's favorite game is gallivanting around on the water mat. It makes my heart go pitter patter.
 He runs to everyone and loves being the center of attention, of course.
 And then takes a break, and usually get a snack and the occasional sucker.
And once he's had enough of running and eating, Little Man helps PaPaw drive the boat. 
I mean, he is one cool dude.
I've loved every second of this crazy busy summer. We rang it out in style and although we're sad to see you go ...We're ready for you fall, bring on pumpkins, sweatshirts, boots, and best of all my favorite month: SEPTEMBER!

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