Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The City and The Circus - Part 1

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we've got some great memories for the holiday Archives. We headed to New York City for our bi-annual Thanksgiving celebration and had OH SO MUCH FUN gallivanting around the city and watching the wonder in Bennett's eyes as he took in every ounce of the Big Apple he could muster. I have a bazillion pictures so I'll break up the trip by day. 

NYC: Day 1 and 2

We started by packing up the bags. The Macy's Day Parade weather looked frigidly cold, so I rooted through all of the winter sale items I had purchased last year in hopes they would fit Baby B this year. When I tried them on however, I realized that was a complete waste of money.

FAIL. Fat guy in a little coat!

And then I tried the next, same story. We title this: "I can't put my arms down!"
So, we just went the traditional coat and blanket route and called it a day. First stop: FAO Schwartz baby!
He was so excited and overwhelmed by all of the toys! Oh to be little again ...
He danced his way all across the famous Big Piano.

And insisted he get to ride the escalator down like a big kid.
Then, we had high hopes of getting a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity but the line was FOREVER long and we needed to rest for a bit before the CIRCUS that evening. So we settled on some froyo *EXTRA SPRINKLES* of course. 
After we napped and got refreshed it was time for THE BIG APPLE CIRCUS!!! We had seriously so much fun. Bennett was content nearly the entire show and actually watched. #Winning
Cotton candy, popcorn and hot dogs for dinner? Yes please.
My heart :)
The Clown himself.

Bennett was a pro hailing taxi cabs!
He even learned how to help Daddy pay!
Next it was some Christmas time PJs, a little TV and off with the lights -- BIG DAY tomorrow -- THE PARADE!

See ya tomorrow!

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