Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!  I'll be sure to report back next week with a full Halloween recap, but for now in honor of the big day filled with tricks and treats, I'll share Bennett's first pumpkin carving!
We went to the pumpkin patch this year, but we couldn't find much and instead B-man was way more interested in feeding the duds and playing on the playground … so we walked through the corn maze and called it a day. Instead, I snagged some pumpkins at our local grocery store … so at least the effort was there.

We waited for Daddy to come home and headed straight outside at dusk to get started! Aka - Shane did all of the work and I took pictures :)

Maggie wanted to help too!

 Yuckkyy!! :) And we removed the shirt because things were getting verrrrry messy.

 Don't eat it silly!

 Bennett wanted the carving tools really bad.
Really, really bad.
 And wouldn't take no for an answer.
 But quickly moved onto something else, thank goodness.
 And then giggled at their masterpiece.

 And then we timer-cammed a family photo, and I blew it.
So, we did it again :)
 And one more time. Bennett and Maggie are clearly in love.  
 And then the following week, I had all of my gal pals over for our annual pumpkin carving and made my own (mine's the fourth from the left).
 Then we posed for another family photos and Teddi took this one. Shane was embarrassed of his pumpkin, so he hid it or something (pardon my house slippers).
Happy Halloween you ghouls and goblins, Hope you get lots of yummy treats!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

October: Photo Dump

So sad to see October go … it's been a really fun, colorful, busy fall ya'll. Here's a few little snippets from life around here this month.
We kept cheering' on them Bengals.
One of the gals (Jenni) got marrrrrrrrrried!
B-man played the drums for the first time!
We enjoyed us some good ol' roasted corn from Harvest Homecoming
Bennett took his first quitar lesson from Mr. Shane Cody himself (Drummer of the band Houndmouth
We took fun selfies.
Daddy bought us some sweet cowboy boots, in alternating sizes (w0w). 
We added a fun item to our kitchen routine so someone could help out with dinner ;) 
We went to a parade and played in the bubble blower.
We conquered a corn maze at Huber's. 
And posed for another selfie.
Bennett attended his first wedding and was IMPRESSED by the band. 
We enjoyed tasty treats in the sunshine.
We ate our breakfast faster than mommy could cook it. 
We carved pumpkins (and ate apples) with the girlies. 
We sported super cool owl hats that mommy insisted little man wear. 
We rode the train at the zoo. 
Mommy and Daddy went to a couple shows at Actor's Theatre for date night and drank yummy drinks. 
We went to the Jack'O'Lantern Spectacular at Iroquois Park. 
And we went to the park ALOT to play in the leaves. 
Winter will soon be knocking on our doors … good thing we enjoyed this season!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2nd Annual - Chili Cook Off

I must start this post by saying HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to my B-E-A-U-TIFUL Momma!!  I hope your day is filled with endless bowls of candy corn and a glasses of Santa Margherita wine:) to wash it all down!  I love you to the moon and back. Last night we celebrated a little and went to see Gone Girl on a mommy daughter date night - FINALLY. (soo good BTW).
Anywhoodles, you may remember from last year, we celebrated my momma's birthday with our First Annual Family Chili Cook Off. (If not, catch that post here).  Two weekends ago we celebrated Chili Cook Off number two and ended it with a bang (pun intended), both in chili spice and a little skeet shooting.  Unfortunately we didn't win, and the Brazilians came away with a repeat victory. Bahh-humbug.

However, I thought our chili was good - and we did receive 3 votes for best overall. Sooo … it's not a total loss.  This year - our family entered the contest with a chili recipe from "The Bru Crew Life" - Sweet and Spicy Dr. Pepper Chili.

Here's some photos from this year's cook-off.
Baby Bro was hungry :) … and isn't Momma's table fab!?

Here's to hoping next year we can break the cycle and get a new winner! :)
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