Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Deliciously Dipped

Dang, a day late and a dollar short for my Recipe Monday. But, here I am on Tuesday bringing you the winner of our big dilemma of what Valentine treat little man and I would make (ha!) ... we pulled the trigger and committed to white chocolate dipped/sprinkle coated rice crispy bites. They were so easy and so yummy! And, obviously can be easily updated for any holiday. Plus, who doesn't love good ole' Rice Crispy Treats?!

White Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Bites

Here's our entire cast of lovers. So simply sweet. 
Start by melting 3.5 tablespoons of salted butter in a sauce pan on low.
Next, add 5 cups of mini marshmallows and things heat up between those two lovers.
While they're hanging out and getting to know one another, pour 6 cups of those Snap! Crackle! POP! Rice Krispy treats into a large bowl.
Turn around and continue chaperoning dem' mallows and butter. Continue stirring and stirring and stirring and let that butter coat them little cuties.
Keep on stirring while they get to know each other better. Yum.
Let the little one tugging on your leg tastes what's up (and if he's still wearing his Christmas PJ's in February ... just pretend you don't notice).
And when he gets super excited because they've gotten along so well, you can kindly agree that they're ready to meet a new friend.  They should be almost smooth, but still a little lumpy. Ahh, I want to jump inside that pan and swim around. But that would probably be really sticky, and I would regret it later when I was washing my hair.
They're ready to make a new friend ... so let's introduce that butter and mallow duo to an edgier cereal.
And stir them around so they can get to know each other even better. There's just so much friendliness here to day :)
Now pour them into a greased 9x13 pan and pack them in nice and tight. Tip: I spray the edge of my silicone spatula with baking spray and pack them down to avoid sticking.
Tip: I spray the edge of my silicone spatula with baking spray and pack them down to avoid sticking.
Let the treats sit and cool in the pan for 45 minutes or longer if you have time. Find things to do while you wait. Fold some laundry, read more of my blog posts, watch the Bachelor, let little man taste test the ones you set aside :).

Or follow him around with a camera to try and capture the terribly hard to accomplish toddler playing photo.

Once they've cooled, and you've had all of the train playing you can stand. Cut the treats into 1-inch squares.
Now comes the fun part ... EMBELLISH those cuties!  Melt your chocolate dip (I used Vanilla Candiquick) and get your sprinkles ready.
Enlist some help from your tiniest helper rocking his "HoHo" jammies LIKE A BOSS and dip those little morsels.
Once he's eaten enough white chocolate, made a colossal mess and is ready for his afternoon nap; you can lay him down and then hurriedly rush back into the kitchen to step in and complete the treats as you originally imagined.
Douse that puppy in sprinkles, because well ... Adorable and pink and red and Valentine's Day.
Then finish them all up, try not to eat so many your stomach hurts (whoops!) and package them up so little man can wake up and have the most delicious afternoon snack!
You can add lollipop sticks if you want, but they are perfectly delicious as bites as well.

Happy Love week to all. Enjoy!
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