Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crafty Cubbies + Hubbies

It's crazy to think we've been in our new home in Nashville, TN for nearly six months now!  Time is FLYING by. It's taken us some time, but I can truly say we are much more settled and life is moving along just dandy. Now that the majority of our things are unpacked and have been arranged and rearranged a couple of times - we're getting used to the new digs. Which means it's certainly time to take on projects (my husband is rolling his eyes right now I'm sure)!

I love our home, don't get me wrong. But I can't help it - part of my nature is to fix/update/personalize things and this new construction needs a little bit of love around the edges to give her some character. Our first major project we decided to tackle was adding some cubby/chalkboard/hooks in the entry way and I am SOO pleased with how it turned out.

Shay, from Mix and Match Mama, was my inspiration behind the project. We've got a narrow hallway coming in from the garage, but I was determined to make it so much more than that. I saw her picture and thought HA! exxxxactly what I'm looking for!  It provides the illusion of a full on entry way with cubbies, benches, etc. - while being more "space" friendly.
For the record, if we every decide to build one day - something like these are on my list of MUST HAVES! It's a non-negotiable.

But, for the meantime I am super proud of mine and hubby's handywork. So - here'e the big reveal!

Here's our blankslate hallway:
Enter boards and tools - we purchased the pre-primed boards from Home Depot and had them make the cuts.
And here's the "Okay, we've measured it 200 times, let's start. Hold your breath and hope we don't mess up!"

I was way more excited than I ever should have been when I found three prong hooks vs. just your normal two.
Chalkboard paint ... literally that stuff is the coolest ever. Don't mind the t-shirt that clearly no longer fits :)

Now time to putty those holes so we can start to paint! It's almost finished! (we actually were laughing and having fun - apparently I'm just very serious + focused while I work! ha!)
I promise he didn't roll up his shirt and flex to pose for this picture. He always looks like that. wink wink. 
Eeeeek!Just added a coat of paint (same color as the trim) to the boards and we're there!
Wahhhoooo! $120 and two days later and we've got ourselves some fancy new storage in the entry way!
So proud!
My final to-do's: Meeting with the carpet company Friday to get a custom runner made that fits the hallway a little better and I'm on the hunt for an awesome painting/saying/drawing etc. to adorn the top of the storage wall to add a little love and color. I love it when a plan comes together!

Our next big undertaking? We're putting stone on our fireplace and replacing the current tile. We're getting help on this job ... but I cannot WAIT! Happy hump day!
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  1. This look SO awesome! For some reason, I always though that Shay's had cubbies...obviously I didn't look close enough. :) But I LOVE is absolutely perfect for a hallway! Great job!


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