Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Babies, Bottoms, and Big Boy Underpants

It's been an interesting couple of days around here. Over the holiday break Hubs and I had big plans to get Lainey on a sleep schedule and get our little man potty trained. But, well, life happened. 

Instead we made plans to hang out with family and friends, stay up too late which meant the tiniest in our room was easier than walking upstairs if she woke up, eat good food instead of dealing with underpants (this is what Bennett calls underwear by the way), you know stuff like that. So, now we're back to real life and still have to complete all of those things. Rats. 

The good news is, just like with all babies, the older our littlest gets she sleeps better on her own. And we are making some headway in this category. Just not as quickly as we did with Sir Bennett. But that's okay, because she's real cuddly and cute. So I don't mind all that much. And maybe I'm just not prepared for her to be in room all alone just yet. 
Furthermore, the daunting task of getting her big brother potty trained still looms and that my friends needs some serious work, attention, devotion, etc. A couple of hours of it the other day and I threw in the towel. I'm just not ready to deal with it.

I thought perhaps we were making some great headway the other day when he asked to wear his big boy undies, but quickly learned I was wrong. Honestly speaking, Bennett has zero interest in going potty ON the potty. He's really into big boy underpants, really into talking to us about going potty and hell if I'm being honest - he's into watching us go potty. But, when it comes to him actually partaking in the matter - FORGEDDABOUTIT.

So, after we'd gone to the store and picked out his "Big Boy Underpants" (TMNT + Thomas) he was STOKED to wear them. He wanted to put them on right away and then stand in front of the mirror and flex his muscles (ahem, Hello Shane's son. This is totally his father coming out in him).
 If only cuteness was equivalent to readiness. After attempting SEVERAL times to sit and go on the potty this incident occurred.
My dear son standing over our air vent giggling as he peed inside of it. It was this moment I realized I am SOOO not prepared for this potty training thing. 

So, to clarify - I'm not ready for Lainey to be in her room. I am not ready to train Bennett. And once again all of my greatest plans for parenting fly right out the window. Words of encouragement welcomed. 

Babies are cute. Bottoms are cute. Big boy underpants are cute. Big boys peeing in air vents are not. Signing off for now. #SendHelp
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  1. I love reading about your sweet family! Too funny about potty training... We tried to train our son right after he turned 2, it was a nightmare! He was one of the last ones of his friends to be potty-trained, but we waited until he was ready and he never once had an accident... Even at night. I'm a HUGE fan of waiting until they are 110% ready! Another funny story... I was also terrified of putting said boy above in his bed for the first time (6 weeks), but when I did - that was when he started sleeping through the night... Good luck & thanks for sharing your adorable family.

    1. thank you so much for the sweet words of encouragement!! we will get there :)


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