Monday, January 18, 2016

Humpty Dumpty

Guys, my toddler's love for Humpty Dumpty is borderline creepy. Like he's for real obsessed. I talked a little bit about it here and I really mean it.
"My child has a real life obsession with Humpty Dumpty. We recite the nursery rhyme no less than 100 times a day. We search YouTube videos of Humpty and watch them whenever we are allowed to have the iPad. We have a new love for a TV show, Goldie + Bear, that features the Humpty Dumpty character. And simply acting out Humpty Dumpty on any "safe" surface (read that as every wall, chair, ottoman in existence) with dramatic arm flares and the whole to-do. Bennett says Humpty Dumpty. A. Lot."
So, we were experiencing some of those day after day in our PJ's crazies over the holiday break and decided we'd use some of our old paper and craft supplies and make us a real Humpty! I realize the irony of this ... Santa had just come ... Bennett got all kinds of new fun gifts and yet we were making a paper mache Humpty Dumpty that quickly moved to the top of his favorite toy list * ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ * shrug ... Oh well!

Here's what we did ... gathered a deflating balloon that he received for free from the nice lady at Kroger earlier that week, got some paper, a bowl and flour and set it all up.
Cut our paper into strips.
Snapped a pic to share :)
And got to mixing our paste for the paper mache! (Two parts water to one part flour)

Ta-Da! It should be the consistency of an Elmer's glue. Thick but not too thick :)
Then we simply dipped our paper in the mixture, wiped the majority of it off and laid it on our balloon (so determined!).

Keep going until the entire balloon is coated and you've got a couple of layers.

Then find things to do while it dries. Like play with the baby. Go to sleep and wake up in the morning. You know, just small things that last several hours :)
And then it's time to create!
Say cheese!
Pop that balloon and pull it on out of there and cover up the hole with some tape.
Then throw on some warm clothes + cowboy boots if you live in Nashville and head outside to spray paint him!

Once it dries simply bring him to life by drawing a face, some paints and fancy bow tie. I even went as far as giving him a crack and lovingly giving him a band-aid. His arms and legs are simply accordion folded scrapbook paper taped on. Easy Peasy and hours of fun knocking him off walls.
This post couldn't have come at a more perfect time because after I picked up Bennett from school today ... this note accompanied him home:

Yes, you read that right, "in almost any activity can incorporate Humpty Dumpty". I was dying laughing and of course immediately texted all of my family and friends that know of Bennett's obsession with the odd little egg. Hilarious. Love you and you're imagination sweet boy!
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