Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sissy Sleepover

Every year we have an annual sleepover at Sissy's house to get a little extra celebration time with Shane's brother and his family. It gives us some "chill" Christmas time with some of our favorites, because Christmas Day is so busy for everyone with so many places to be. So, we set aside a night before or possibly sometimes after the big day to just hang and open presents with Hubs' immediate family. 

These littles (plus Lainey of course) make it so special! 
 And this sweet senior girl too of course! Sidenote: come this fall Tatum will be your newest Wildcat + you better believe I made sure ALL of her Christmas presents from us included UK blue :) ... She'll be converted to a Cats fan before we know it and I couldn't be more proud! hehehehe!
 So thankful for another Christmas with Sissy! We had one heck of a scare and we are so thankful to have more time with her!

 Opening presents + holding presents is so much fun with cousins!

 And just when we thought Christmas was over ... Poppy had a big announcement (new Pilot goggles on of course!).
 Everybody close your eyes!
 Okay open you think they're excited?!

 New bikes for everyone! Ohhhhmigoshhhhh~~~~

Brody and Emmie got a big wheel on steroids and Bennett got a shiny new balance bike!! The weather was unseasonably warm, which was perfect because we got to immediately head outside and let the littles take them for a spin! Oh what fun!!

 These boys are gonna be trouble one day :)
 And before we headed to bed, we made sure to let them play with some of their new toys.
Fancy nails Em!

 And we made over our newest all night of course.

 Rounded it out with a little Pie Face, because that seemed to be the thing to do in 2015.
 Uncle Shane was named victorious.
 And finished it up loving on our favorites.
 Merry Christmas to all ... and to all a GOODnight.
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