Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowmageddon, Siegels and Sleepovers!

This past weekend we had a big one! A big snow, a big visit, and big fun! Shane's brother, Ted and his wife Jessica jetsetted to celebrate a big anniversary trip and we offered to watch their littles, Emmie + Brody, for the weekend. It's always a big time whenever we're together, but the blizzard that hit Nashville with record snowfall made for an even bigger time!

Louisville got hit with similar weather, so lucky for us the kiddos were out of school Thursday and Friday and we got to start our weekend a little earlier than planned! Before we packed up the car to head to meet Sissy + Poppy and the kids in Bowling Green, we made sure the house was prepared for their arrival.
When I was a kid and my parents would go out of town it was always so fun to go and stay with family and friends, but let's be honest you missed your parents. Everyone can do a great job at keeping you busy and having fun, but especially come night time there just isn't anyone that can do it quite like mom and dad. So, I wanted to be sure the Siegel kiddos knew just how excited we were to have them and make sure they felt extra comfortable!  We wrote little messages to them all over the house and all of our chalkboards and messages had sweet notes when they arrived.

And I made sure to have their beds and their special places to sleep tidied up and special too, adorned with notes to each of them.
Because sleepovers are a big deal!
Then we loaded up the car and headed to get the kids!  
We had a late lunch/early dinner and visited with Sissy and Poppy before we hit the road to head back to Nash. And while at lunch we had the first of many hair sessions :) Topsy-tail for the win. 
And posed for pictures.
And giggled with Sissy.
And let the boys be boys.
And then turned on our iPads and hit the road to start the weekend. Can I get an Amen for technology and car rides (well for at least the first hour or so, after that all bets are off).
We got home to settle in and found this adorable survival kit for the weekend. Little did we know the snow would be so severe and we really would NEED it! Ha!
And then we got out jammies on, baked some cookies, and watched a movie before calling it a night.
And the kiddos woke up Friday morning to SO MUCH SNOW! They devised plans for the most epic snow day ever.
But first, one of MANY dance parties.
And baby Lainey snuggles of course. 
And a little story time.
And we continued to watch the snow fall. 
Until we just couldn't take it anymore! Let's go playyyyyy~!!!

Lainey decided to watch from inside and hang in her swing while the big kids threw snowballs at each other.
And pounced.
And smiled.
And threw more snowballs.
And froze :)
And went down the slide!

But got very disappointed when there was no more snow to knock off the slide. Oh the horror!
And then she couldn't take it anymore and had to play and experience it herself! I mentioned last Wednesday that it was Lainey's first snow day, but we've decided to scratch that and call this her first snow day. Because it was way more cool. 
Big brother thought so too.
And catching snowflakes on your tongue makes you awesome.
But just being one of these littles means you're already pretty awesome.
Building a snowman is pretty awesome too. Especially when you brand him the family brewery, Falls City Beer, snowman.

And not feeding your nephew enough breakfast requiring him to eat said snowman is not so awesome. But makes for a pretty great picture + memory (insert crying laughing emoji here).
And when it's getting close for time to come in, you melt some Popsicles and pour them over the snow. Snow slushies = love. 
They're a big hit. Always. 
Basically we crushed this snow day.
And did I mention we also built the kids a snow fort? Because we did. And it too was awesome.
And then we came inside to bundle up, warm up and smile with our whole hearts!
Then we ate some lunch and rested up a bit. 
 Followed up with a snack (more food :) and perhaps a glass of wine ... and ANOTHER dance party.
 Then built blanket forts.
 Then got cleaned up and put our jammies on for bedtime.
 Snuggled up to watch a movie.
 And said our prayers and went to bed!
 We were tuckered out!
 But we woke up to do it all over again! Starting with breakfast of course!
And then another hair makeover session :) 
 And then uncle Shane took the big kids to the park to go sledding.
This guy ... LOVE him.
 While mommy and baby stayed home to get things in order and take a nap!
 And when the big kids came home to rest we managed to shovel the driveway a bit.
 And then got cleaned up to head to dinner!
 We promised the kids a dessert, so we chose the Cheesecake Factory and it did not disappoint.
 We let each of them pick out their very own piece.
 Brody went with the Oreo Extreme.
 Emmie went with the toasted marshmallow graham cracker. And Bennett copied his big cousin, Brody, and wanted that Oreo cookie baby!
 And then the next morning time to say goodbye and have a big group hug before we hit the road.
Until next time my lovely littles. We love you so much! And we PROMISE next time we'll make up for the plans that the snow interrupted because we've still got LOTS to do :) Muah! 
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