Thursday, March 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: March Edition

In the midst of the chaos that is happening around here and the fact that my brain has recently seemed to turn to mush; I popped up my post for yesterday and realized in turn I missed my monthly What's Up Wednesday. Wompppp. BUT! I'm here today to remedy that situation. A day late and a dollar short, but it's happening. So, here's a look at What's Up Wednesday: March Edition where I cover these topics:
What we're eating this week ... a mix of takeout and organic items. I'm trying to work my way away from the processed junk that I seem to have gotten in a rut purchasing and trying to slowly but surely replace the same things with more organic items. I find myself frustrated at grocery stores like Whole Foods, etc because I'm so efficient at Kroger. I know the aisles like the back of my hand and with two kiddos in tow I need to get in and out of the grocery QUICK. And I feel like when I try new grocery stores I get frustrated because it takes me a long time and I can't find what I'm looking for. So, I'm working into the new routine slowly but surely!

What I'm reminiscing about ...
Easter with these littles. We had a perfect weekend and I want to go back and re-watch my boy eat his "chocwate chip cookie."
What I'm loving ... my kids. Seriously. Lainey's personality is shining through more and more every day and for the most part she's her daddy's clone. Go-along-get-along and happy most of the time.  And her big brother and his dramatic stories and mischievousness is well, perhaps a direct clone of mine. But after spending the last 5 days with him and CLOSE with him while potty training. The kid is funny. And he calls his undies underpants and says the entire word every time. They frustrate the heck out of me :) but I love them. So so much.  

What we've been up to ...
 Doctor's visits, phone calls and potty training! It's been a crazy busy time around here. I can honestly say I don't think our life has ever been crazier. Sometimes I have to just breathe and remind myself to settle down because SO much is happening so fast. But, I've felt every one's hugs from near and far and Bennett thinks it's AWESOME (he has no clue why we are receiving these things!) because we're getting some "thinking of you" something sent our way nearly every other day. Every time the doorbell rings he squeals "wow mommy, this is fun! Who's coming today?! :)' Bless his heart!

What I'm dreading ... playing the waiting game of my medical issue. Surgery is scheduled for mid-April and ironically as much as I'm dreading it because I know the recovery may be a little tough, I'm actually also looking forward to it to get some answers. We're getting to know this place way better than I ever hoped. I know I keep asking, but keep us in your prayers!
What I'm working on ... taxes. Womp. I've got this fancy new business I've got to file for this year along with the rest of it (Shane is laughing because let's be honest he's doing most all of it. But I had to do the Katie Marie stuff, sort of).

What I'm excited about ... Ya'll, MY BABY BROTHER GOT INTO FILM SCHOOL AT NYU!!! So, I've always talked about how he's in film at NYU and he's been in the school, but not THE school. He was a cinema studies major and had to apply this semester for Film School and Monday he got the email we've been waiting for ... HE'S ACCEPTED!!! He's been working his tail off and talking about this for such a long time and it finally happened. I couldn't be more proud of him!

What I'm watching/reading ...
The Bible. It's bringing me a lot of comfort and peace in a much needed time. 

What I'm listening to ... Nashville (the TV show). It's back ya'll. And I love it.

What I'm wearing ...
I'm really into these leggings/workout pants. They seem to fit me really well and I like ... A LOT.  I also love these shirts right now!

What I'm doing this weekend ... We don't have much on the docket. Bennett's baseball and soccer classes start back up and I've got a baby shower to attend for a little bitty baby girl due very soon, that I'm looking forward to. Plus, her name ya'll ... Elsie Tate! So stinking adorable!

What I'm looking forward to next month ... Getting all of this hooplah in our rear view mirror and celebrating with my rock (this handsome fella pictured right here) afterward! 
What else is new ... That's about it gang. Just trying to stay as busy as possible and keep my mind in happy happy places. The spring weather seems to make that a little easier on all of us!

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  1. Your children are adorable! Sending prayers for your surgery next month too :-) I love that Nashville is back as well, I fall in love with all their new songs each episode. I agree with you on how different grocery stores throw you off. I travel a lot and I swear even Whole Foods Markets across this country are configured differently!
    Happy Thursday :-)



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