Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Round-Up

It was another great weather weekend here in Nashville, and we made the most of it! Hubby had to work an event Friday night, so the kids and I headed to bed early to rise and shine ready to take on two full family days of fun ... which has led to a slow Monday morning and lots of couch snuggles and extra coffee. I posted this pic to twitter:
"#MondayVibes: Put on your shades and keep them on until it's time to put your PJs back on"
Little miss is getting so big and getting so routine with her sleep schedule. She is so sleepy and sweet. I snapped this pic while Hubby was gone the other night. She fell asleep during her nighttime bottle and I just stared at her and prayed over her sweet littleness. <3

Saturday morning B started his latest round of soccer/baseball practices with his new team. So, Daddy and little man headed to the fields while Mommy and Lainey stayed home and had some girly time.

 She's turning into such a smily, drooly ham!
And I love her.
Brother Bennett Beiber picked up some bagels for breakfast and we were thankful.
Then I put on real people clothes and fixed my hair and did my makeup for a sweet little baby shower for Ms. Elsie Tate.
And packed up a diaper owl along with some other goodies for the little miss. Creepy or cute?! You decide! Haha!
 Then we had big plans to watch the games with friends, but sleepiness and babies got the best of us and instead we sat on the couch and I played with Snapchat filters. Saturday night is WILD around here folks :)
We woke up in the morning and put on our Sunday bests and headed to church to praise His name. It was Baptism Sunday so Bennett took advantage of the reception after mass and snagged a cookie after Sunday school and was pretty stoked about it.
 After church we grabbed a little brunch at Proper Bagel (yummy) and then headed home for an early nap and extra baby snuggles.
And once we woke up we headed to the park to play for the remainder of the day! Everything from creekin', to hiking, to chasing and running.

He needed to stop and "take a rest"
 Then we headed to find the perfect spot and had a little picnic.
And Lainey busted out her hoodie and that gummy smile. I mean, is there anything cuter in this world?
And for anyone out there reading this that understands this can you please explain this to me? At every park people just go and "hammock". They legit head to a park, hang up their hammock and just lay inside of it. I kind of get it. But I kind of don't.
Dancing in fields .... foreverrrrr.
 And acro-yoga ... or something. Ha!
 A boy and his dog.
Family days make me happy. 
Cheers to a great week ahead!

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  1. You guys are so adorable :) Looks like a great weekend for you!!


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