Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cute Campers

This year for Father's Day the kids and I gifted Shane a little outdoor gear. For the record, we are by no means a camping family. We have a lake house and go outside often, but there is always AC involved. Haha. But Bennett and Shane had talked several times about actually camping and had read some books that peaked little man's interest. 

So, when I was trying to think of ideas to get for Hubs this year I decided to get him a little something to help the boys, well, be boys! Bennett and I went to Dick's sporting goods and checked out all of the fun things and then I narrowed down the items and let Bennett actually choose the final gift and choose the colors. We ended up with a tent, a sleeping bag for daddy (Bennett said Daddy loved green), a youth sleeping bag for Bennett (he chose blue), and a lantern to make all of their nighttime dreams come true. (FYI most of these items are 50% off right now if you're in need of any last minute summer gifts and or you want to buy them for this fall/Christmas!)

Shane headed outside to set everything up and I couldn't tell who was more excited, Shane or Bennett! But really! A little boy at heart, always. I love that about him.

We got little man all cleaned up and he thought it was so fun to play outside in his PJs. Such a little rule breaker :) - if you know our son, that couldn't be more opposite from the truth about our little Bennett. He LOVES to follow rules.
And he picked me a flower. Geeze I love him.
But then he was off to help daddy. And I was quickly forgotten :)
And couldn't wait to head inside!
I was sent to schlep firewood for roasting marshmallows. Don't send a woman to do a man's job when she's trying to document photos. Or this is what you will get. And you will like it.
He loved the shadows on the walls. And the stories he was telling were hysterical!
Childhood is nothing short of magical.

And when you have a daddy as special as his, it's even more magical. Love these two so much.

Shortly after, I headed inside (ahem, hello A.C. you're nice and those boys are crazy) and left them to their shenanigans.
They lit the fire,
Roasted marshmallows,

And tucked themselves away into the tent with tons of books, funny stories, and lots of wrestling matches that lasted them well into the night. They stayed outside all night and joined the gals around 5:30 the next morning when the sprinklers and sunlight got them :) hehe. Sweet summertime.
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  1. How fun! I have such great memories of camping out in the backyard - so wonderful you guys are able to make those memories together, too!


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