Friday, July 1, 2016

Five on Friday

Whoop whoop! I've got five just for the opening::: 1. We made it to Friday! 2. It's the freakin weekend! 3. It's a holiday weekend! 4. Not just any holiday weekend but the Fourth of July! Yeehaw! 5. FriYayyyyyyyy!

But for realsies, it's Friday and I'm checking in for some Friday Favorites with these pretty gals.

|| ONE ||

Last Wednesday I had a "me" day. It's been a LONG time since I've taken one. No kids, just me. It actually ended up being a complete disaster and I was in doctors offices the majority of the day (everything is fine...just funny craziness!). BUT in the midst of the chaos I did get to have my favorite breakfast in town, Proper Bagel ... Uninterrupted ... While reading my new book. Bliss in the chaos. It does exist!

|| TWO ||

These little piggies!! I couldn't get a good picture, but this lil miss got her first pedi (I just painted her nails while she sat in the high chair eating puffs). It mostly all came off a single day later once she drug her feet all over the ground in her walker. But too cute either way!

|| THREE ||

Brook's birthday party!! These sweet boys and their precious friendship is the sweetest ever!! And brook's mama, Lynn, did an amazing job getting it all together! And these adorable little getups for all of the littles! So fun!!

|| FOUR ||

Birthday shenanigans galore! This little man turned three this week and on top of the weekend madness, we made Tuesday special for him as well. He woke up to birthday cinnamon rolls with candles and the birthday song, a midday pick me up cookie, a build-a-bear 'dog' he lovingly and so originally ;) named Maggie; and rounded out the day with two hours of endless tokens at chuck'e'cheese!

|| FIVE || 

Today folks. Today. Tennessee joins the party and I no longer have to make a special stop for wine. This is basically the best thing ever. But really. The best ever. 
We're gonna end on that extremely awesome high note. Have a great weekend gang!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun going on! But wine in the grocery store deserves a celebratory bottle!

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