Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Whats Up Wednesday: July 2016

Whoop whoop, back again for another post of What's Up Wednesday ... July Edition. Where I cover these topics...
What I'm reminiscing about ... Monday night. We had A LOT of craziness hit us hard and fast. And I honestly don't think our kiddos could have gotten through it as close to unscathed as they did without our Nashville buddies. So, we took them out to dinner last night in efforts to say thank you for all they helped us with. Great food, great friends, great night. Wine for me, quail for the table, secrets galore, and lots of friendship. Let's repeat, STAT.

What I'm loving ... My Brita Water Filter Pitcher. We've had a water dispenser on our fridge for as long as I can remember, and that or a bottle of water in the fridge was always my go to. However, a month or so ago the Brita Water filter and pitcher caught my eye while I was spacing out at Costco. It ended up in my cart, with other *terribly essential items* that are certainly far from essential and I'm so glad it did. The water is crisper, colder, and call me crazy but I legit think it tastes better. I'm never going back. Never.

What we've been up to ... On the road again! We were back in Louisville this weekend to celebrate Sissy's birthday and attend a family company picnic. It was a hot weekend filled with fun, family and all things summer.

What I'm dreading ... being on the road again! We're hitting the road AGAIN and trekking to Chicago. I'm looking so forward to the trip. Not so forward to the drive. How is time travel not a thing yet? It's 2016 already!

What I'm working on ... Recipes + A cookbook. I'll share more details later, but it's tugged at my heart strings and makes me happy all at the same time. Lots of love. And spoiler alert, it may or may not involve these two people that hold a very special place in my heart.

What I'm excited about ... Chicago! Yes, I'm dreading the drive, but so pumped for the trip. I'm looking forward to room service, good meals, giggles with my momma, and memories with the kiddos! The last time we were there was with Baby Bennett in October 2014.

What I'm watching/reading ... The bachelorette mostly. So excited for next week's finale. Although I'm still bitter she let Luke go #TeamLukeForBachelor, I'm ready to see who she chooses and watch the boys meet her family. Additionally, hubs and I started watching a couple of episodes of Suits, and I think I'm hooked.

What I'm listening to ... The weather man. I've had a family session we have rescheduled twice now that I want to get complete and of course ... they're once again calling for rain. Ugh! I can't win for losing.

What I'm wearing ... Yoga pants and maxi skirts. I'm still covering up my leg for the most part and am rocking a compression sock ... so the length keeps things under wraps (literally) ha! I've decided I really need to step up my wardrobe game. I've got limited options, so I need to up what I'm working with.

What I'm doing this weekend ... Lots of family time. Hubby has a big trip coming up and we're going to miss him horribly. So we want to snuggle him and spend as much time with him as possible!

What I'm looking forward to next month ... Chicago! Museums, shopping, food, hangouts, etc.

What else is new ... I'm looking to get a family photography session done and I've been trying to decide what type of shoot I want to go for. Do I want to do outfits that will photograph awesome, but we'd never wear again? Normal photos? Studio? Outdoor? Themed session? Etc. I can't decide if I want to stay inside the lines or color way outside of them because my kiddos are still young enough to wear whatever I tell them. Decisions Decisions.
And that's all folks. Have a great rest of the week, and if you see the HVAC guy for Earth, could you tell him something is wrong with the AC because it's super hot! (I stole that corny joke from my husband...but thought it was worth mentioning). Adios. 
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  1. That joke is classic! Chicago sounds like it will be so much fun, minus the drive. It's my very favorite city!


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