Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pumpkins, Pizza, Preschool and Play!

It is certainly almost Halloween in our household. There has been absolutely zero shortage of candy, costumes, or fall fun I can assure you. We have had such a fun and eventful weekend around here and are so ready for a full night of fun Trick or Treating tomorrow! Be warned, before you head into this post, pour another cup - because it's a long one and you may be here a while!

This week was jam packed and a fun day at the zoo + an unplanned street parade set the tone of a great weekend. 

We rolled right into the weekend with one of our absolute most favorite Halloween traditions: Carving Pumpkins! I mean really, what would Halloween week be without carving pumpkins?!  I've got pumpkin carving posts that date way back and you can catch up on those events here:
And here we are, 2016 and Lainey's first time carving (with a little lot of help)! The kiddos proudly showing off their pumpkins. Doesn't B look so excited?!
Bennett's really obsessed with the color blue. It's his most favorite and last year he wasn't too keen on the pumpkin guts, so I bought him some paint this year and he was very pleased to paint himself a blue pumpkin.
And Lainey was just happy, per usual.

Surprisingly, the pumpkin guts got a slightly better reaction this year than last.
And he wanted to see what it was all about.
But it wasn't very long before he handed the gutting task back to me! (heyoooo short hair appearance! I had eight inches chopped off this week! SQUEAL! I've been talking about it FOREVER and it was time. I'm currently having a love hate; because I miss long hair and have no idea how to style this mess, but I love it at the same time. Such a great change!)

Excuse me while we pause this this post for a brief interruption and picture of my new hair:

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming .... Mister B finished up his blue masterpiece. 
And Daddy and Lainey got to work!

 These two are so in love.
Of course, our fearless Lainey had absolutely no hesitation when it came to pumpkin guts. She wanted to dive right in! Reminds me of a certain little man a few years back ...
And when we were proud of Lainey, Bennett joined in - because he is not to be out done! Sigh, siblings.

Heart eyes. 
Pizzzzzaaaaaaaa party. Let's be real, the food is always the highlight of the party round here.

 It didn't take too long and little man was off being three and completely over the pumpkins.
 So sissy and I took a break too, and munched on some pizza.
And then we gave the five minute warning, put the pumpkins on the porch, put the bike away and lit our jack'o'lanterns!

Finished!! Small pumpkin on left (Bennett's dragon), Large middle pumpkin (Daddy's silly man), bottom pumpkin (mommy's creepy happy face).
 Self timer family photo!
 And again!
Saturday morning we were up bright and early and SO excited for the day! We had 10 am tickets to Humpty Dumpty's Halloween Adventure and obviously our Humpty obsessed boy was stoked!
 I thought poor SuperMan might pee his pants he was so excited!

And little sister was AMAZING. She actually watched and sang and clapped along the whole time! So proud of her!
During the performance Humpty sat on the wall while the kids had a costume parade and our little SuperMan was so proud of himself walking in line and all around the auditorium!
After the show, he couldn't wait for the meet and greet with the characters. He was so thankful for the wizard who was able to put Humpty back together again.
And Bennett brought his Humpty Dumpty figurine (yes we have one of those, for real) and was so excited to show it to THE REAL HUMPTY! What a fabulous day for this little guy.
And his sister.
After the play, we walked over to brunch at Jackson's to meet up with some friends. The kids ate way to many suckers, we drank a few mimosas and we all vowed to not let so much time pass before we catch up again! (and not-so-Superman was donezo!)
That evening we headed to yet another Halloween party and had so so so much fun. The kiddos played and Bennett performed (per usual), we laughed and ate way to too much food. We came home happy and sleepy campers. 

Sunday, we were up and at em once again! We headed to brunch in Midtown at Urban Cookhouse...

Hit up the Farmer's Market

And then headed to the Open Bike Nashville event in 12 south which is right by our house. It was so much fun. The bike shop decorated everyone's bikes (Bennett chose a spider web) and they closed the entire street down from the beginning of 12 South all the way to the Gulch.

It felt so awesome to walk and bike with no street traffic. All of the stores were handing out candy for the trick or treaters and we capped it off with some of our favorite food at Bar Taco. Everyone was wiped out (even Maggie who managed to hitch a ride in the stroller).

We came home and took a little rest before putting on our costumes and heading to Bennett's fall festival at his preschool!
I love Trunk or Treats. People are so daggone creative! 

Three cheers for the person who invented bounce houses!! 

It was another fabulous October weekend around here and we are wiped! Simply can't wait for real Halloween tomorrow!

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