Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cake and Crazy

It's Tuesday and a whole lotta cake and crazy round here! I mentioned last week we were gonna be on the road and running around for the next couple or weeks - so I'd check in as I was able. 

We made our way to The Big Apple and Lainey is taking a nap, so I thought I'd check in real quick with where we are so far. 

Last Tuesday was the crazy kickoff. Lainey had her one year well visit, we packed up our Operation Christmas Child boxes, and finally we packed up the car and headed back to KY (Uhaul in tow) after we picked B up from school (it was "G" day -- glasses and guitar). 

We had our first "meal" (Panera takeout) in the new house while we unloaded the trailer. And the kids played in their undies in the bounce house we put in the basement. Takeout and crazy babies. Feels like home already! Ha! 

Wednesday morning Bennett headed back to his "new school" in KY for his second day and GoGo and I started tackling the party planning needs. It was a busy day but we completed A Lot which gave us a great start on the week. We had a yummy lunch and rewarded everyone with ice cream for their hard work!

My bestie, Laura, has hosted our Galsgiving for six years but she's in the middle of a move this year. So, since I was hosting a party Saturday anyways, I offered to host this year at the new house and it was so great to gather with my loves and share a home cooked meal. We all bring a yummy dish, we hold hands and pray before we eat and say our "what we're thankful for" list. Life is better with girlfriends, and I'm convinced I have some of the best! 

Thursday I had an all day photo shoot (yippie!) and then we took it easy the rest of the night. 
Friday, Bennett headed back to school and then Lainey and I met his at his preschool for a shared Thanksgiving Feast with his little class. We brought blueberry muffins, and got to meet Bennett's little girlfriend, Teagan. He often calls her Megan, and it's so cute. 

Saturday morning it was party day and we had so much fun!!! I'll be writing an entire post dedicated to little Lainey's big day once I get back home to my real computer and good images. But for now I'll share these - all the heart eyes! All the cake smashing!

That evening the kiddos headed to Sissy and Poppy's house to play with their cousins, and hubs and I headed to a wedding. It was a friend from college and it's always so great to reconnect with old friends!
Sunday morning we piled in the car and made our way to Cincinnati for Lainey's first Bengals game! Who Dey! She was a soldier ... it was COLD! 


And then we loaded up the van and hit the road for NYC!!! It's been a quick two days already and can't wait to provide a full recap upon our return!! 


Happy happy thanksgiving week/weekend everybody!!! Gobble til you wobble!!!

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