Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lainey's Birth~DAY

We've made it through the actual day, we have a toddler, we still have her official party to go, but she's one. And she's pretty stoked about it. I wrote her the big birthday letter, wiped away my tears and put my big girl pants on to celebrate with her all day long!

She woke up happy as a clam to the her very first birthday song!
And her big brother joined her for a good morning hug! And, I'm not sure who was happier about it!
Her daddy brought her a birthday rose and vowed she would never go another birthday without flowers from him for as long as he is able.
 And even at age one, she worked it. Hook, line and sinker - she's got him wrapped.
She was so proud to show it off!
We had a dance party in her honor of course, because they are her very favorite.
I made her a special birthday dinner, Lasagna. Which made us laugh, because our very best eater refused to eat it! HA!
But, in all fairness she's a smart gal because she was holding out for the good stuff...
Cookies and Cream birthday cake!
And it did not disappoint. She got another rendition of The Happy Birthday song.
And her big brother helped her blow out her candle.
Three cheers for birthday cake!
He also offered to help her get a taste.
But she quickly realized she had this under control.
All by herself.
And we laughed and giggled and ate birthday cake and celebrated our favorite little girl all night long.
Our sweet Lou is an entire year old, and what a blessing she has been this year. We are so thankful for her. Happy Birthday sweet girl!
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  1. Happy birthday sweet girl
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