Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Preschool Christmas Program

Ya'll Bennett's Preschool Christmas Program was today and I think it's the key to Christmas miracles. Seriously though. A preschool Christmas program would make the Grinch's heart grow three sizes no question. If you're feeling sad or blue, need a little pick me up, or just want a good chuckle ... call your nearest preschool or church and ask them when showtimes are for their children's programs and attend. It is a sure fire way to put a smile on your face. I mean, it may be a little creepy if you don't know any kids in said program ... but I still support it.

Either way, watching these little people perform, the overly anxious parents (hi, that's me) frantically try and find a seat up front, the snot dripping out of a child dressed like a donkey, a four year old saying her lines 3 minutes too late, the one child that eagerly dances while his neighbors remain stone cold, it's amazing. All of it. And make sure you video some of it - because watching it later and noticing another kid you weren't looking at makes it even better the second time around.

We woke up this morning and little miss had a funky eye ... of course kids never works with plans :) So Hubs rushed her to the doc in hopes we'd get a diagnosis and could both attend mister B's big debut in the off chance she wasn't contagious.

Meanwhile little Mister helped me pick out his festive attire and wanted to adorn his Santa tie. Oh my heart.

And then too early parents (Hi, that's me!) made sure to snag a good seat! (and hubs called ... she's not contagious, so they are on the way! Just needs some antibiotics ~ YAY! Sort of?!)
Everyone filled the sanctuary and then in came the littles to take their spots on the stage!
And there are our boys ... the Three Musketeers: Brooks, Jack and Bennett!

Their little friendship warms my heart.
And then the performance began. First up, "Ring the Bells, Sign Noel" followed by "Mary had a Baby Boy" (to the tune of Mary had a little lamb) along with the preschool's version of the birth of baby Jesus.
And kissing seemed to be a common theme today between Brooks and Jack, which was ADORABLE.
But when they tried to get Bennett he wasn't having it. Because that was not part of the program and therefore that would be breaking the rules. And we know Mister B is quite the rule follower :) The rules of life anyways ... when it comes to rules his mother and father set those are broken pretty regularly.
And Bennett was quick to scold them for being three year olds. Because that's pretty much par for the course with these three.
And then it was back to singing and dancing and everything in between.
The cutesssssssst!
And little sister proudly watched and sang along as best she could :)
 And after the program it was time for friends and family in the fellowship hall.

On our way we stopped for a photo. And it pretty much went like this ... every body smile ... Lainey "CHEEEE" (cheese).
Not to be outdone...Bennett "CHEESE"
Not to be outdone again, Lainey "CHEEEEEE" 
Bennett "I'm done"
And that's the best we can do these days :) And hey look PaPaw and GoGo came too! And - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! 36 years today!!!
Milk and Cookies in the fellowship hall!
 And an attempt at a final farewell photo of our favorite little three year olds and their mommas!

And that's about the best we can get. Performances are tough.
But we love them fiercely.
So thankful for this time in our lives, the preschool and the friendships God blessed us with during our time here in Nashville is something we will forever cherish and remember fondly. Now go get creepy and attend a Christmas Preschool Program, because I'm misty eyed thinking about "goodbye" and I think another Christmas Program might cheer me right up!

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