Friday, September 30, 2016


Happy Friday my sweet friends! I literally cannot believe it's already Friday. This week has FLOWN by. I was convinced after my birthday time would crawl. Because I was anticipating it so much that once it was over I figured I'd be in such a post-bday slump that everything would drag, but I've been pleasantly surprised! Okay, so it's time to recap you on birthday week. And it's a doozie so buckle up.
I should probably start this with a precursor and let you know for the last 10 years of my life, with Shane, I've been telling him … "I just want you to plan something. Like plan the weekend, plan dinner, plan a vacation, plan a date night, plan a lunch, plan SOMETHING, anything for the sake of me not having to do it. I'm tired of always being the planner … I'd whine." And well, ya'll let me tell you something. Shane planned some - thing. And Shane did a great job. And I learned I'm way more type A than I originally thought and I actually had a hard time NOT planning. And he frequently reminded me all weekend I'd been asking for this for forever, so now it was time to shut up let him plan it. <insert eye roll emoji here, whatever!> From now on when I whine I'll stick to "plan dinner" vs plan an entire weekend where I am allowed to control absolutely nothing. Because I'm not nearly as good at that as I thought I would be! HA!

So let's back track for a little bit shall we?  You may remember last week I told you turning thirty came with a slight change of plans. And I announced our future move back to Louisville, KY. I was all sorts of emotions and quite frankly still am, but this week/weekend was a GREAT distraction from all of the hoopla that currently is my life. We kicked it off with some dual family fun watching the big UL win over Florida with our Nashville besties, that turned into an improptu night on the town in Nashville's Midtown. Blogger fail, zero photos - but I can assure you it's probably for the best. 

Then Monday we had a little family birthday celebration with mexican at Taco Mamacita that later led to a food fight in the kitchen with Sprinkles cupcakes. It was the best way to wrap my "real" birthday (or so I thought), but really it was just getting started.

 This little boy love of my life picked me a flower <3

 Guys, we seriously can't get over how much Lainey eats. It's hysterical.

 Epic food fight. Girls win! Girls rule and boys drool!

Next, really kicked it off with not one but TWO fabulous gals nights, and let's be honest … this day and age there really isn't much better than that. Wednesday night I packed up my bags so everything was ready to go for the morning, and then got ready for a yummy yummy dinner in Nashville with some of my gals pals. They took me to Salt and Vine and it was delish!! And we giggled over Brangelina memes for entirely too long!
Then, I woke up early Thursday, got B off to school and Lainey situated into her daddy daycare routine; and jumped in the car to head north up I-65. I arrived around 3pm and checked into MY hotel, The Brown. Emphasis on MY because for 24 hours I was in a room, alone, no one barging in while I used the bathroom, no one to eat my room service, no one needing me to tend to the mess, no cartoons blaring. Just me :) and it was fabulous. I ordered room service, jumped on the bed, took my time getting ready, took a little cat nap (I remember those fabulous things from college!) and got all gussied up to meet my gals at Doc Crows for a little pre-party. We had a pre-show drink and ate some apps and then headed to the DIXIE CHICKS concert!  Ya'll we were getting to relive our high school glory days of jamming to their tunes in the back of my car. And it was all kinds of perfect.

These gals have my heart. The whole dang thing.

 Mom and dad had tickets too, so we crashed their suite after the show.
 And ended the night with some hysterical stories.

Friday morning I woke up - ALONE. Which was magical, but it's funny how you always want time away and then when you're finally away all you want is your crazy chaos back in your life. Motherhood man, such a funny thing. I slept in a little bit, ordered room service breakfast, ate it in bed, still in my PJs I might add and way passed when it was appropriate to still be in bed eating breakfast. It's fine. I then took a long shower. Called and asked for a late check-out and started my day around 12:30pm. Teehehehe. Then, I had a little bit more "me" time and perused the mall, with absolutely nothing in mind to buy other than getting to actually shop and take my time. I had a quiet little lunch, got my nails did and just basically all the things I wanted to do with absolutely zero agenda. Finally, around 5:30 pm I'd had more than enough "me" time and headed to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house for a little birthday dinner with Shane's fam. Pizza, cookie cake, and Emmie and Brody. Bennett was in heaven. And it was a great little Friday night.

Saturday, we woke up (the kids slept in and we did too - WOAH!) got some real clothes on and headed out for a day in Louisville with our besties and the kiddos Godparents, Chris and Laura (and Charlie of course!). It was lunch at HopCat on Bardstown, Rd and then a quick stop at Steel City Pops for a sweet treat before heading back to get cleaned up for a big surprise!

We took the kiddos back to Poppy and Sissy's house for a little nap while we got ready for the night. Shane gave me suggested attire and direction on appropriate shoes :) hehe. Then we got in the car and headed to Le Moo for a drink. After Le Moo we got in his car and he whipped out a blindfold I was required to wear. Ugh, but it will ruin my makeup I whined! So much complaining :) (note to self Katie, stop whining so much - take the advice you give to your three year old daily and use it for yourself). Then we arrived somewhere and I was moved from one car to another. I sat in the car, blindfolded and alone and was in fear I was in a limo and other people were staring and laughing at me and doing an excellent job being silent. But, I was incorrect and the next thing I know I heard "Hello other mysterious person" in a voice that was all too familiar and a giggle that I could recognize anywhere: my mom and dad. And it all clicked.

You see, my dad and I share a birthday (basically). I'm September 19 and he's the 20th and we're exactly thirty years apart - so sharing family birthday parties is something I'm more than accustom to. But, when Shane said he had a surprise for me in Louisville I was never thinking it involved my parents. I just assumed he'd surprise me with dinner with my girlfriends or something. So, when I heard my dad's voice I knew it was about to go down. A giant surprise party to celebrate 30+60 - and fun side note - while blindfolded we learned the other was blindfolded as well and we had a nice laugh about that in the car. And then we were instructed to get out of the car, turn around and this is what we opened our eyes to … my brothers (one who flew all the way in from NYC) and my sister in law and we heard a huge SURPRISE! and Twirled around to see nearly 200 of our best good friends (a little Forest Gump action to keep it interesting), a band - Groove Essential, tents, a bar, adorable pumpkin centerpieces, and an all around good time!

 Bennett's dance moves were awesome.

And the cake, well. The cake!

And our favorites, MaKenzie and Ross of course.
 The bestest pals!
And pops bestest pals. Looks like to keep up I need to make a few more friends! In my defense he does have 30 years on me :)
 And my team.
 And my daddy-o and bday buddy.

 And the cake smashing. Ohh geeze.

It was an awesome night of hugs, happy tears, family, friends, dancing, laughing, and so much more. Mom and Shane pulled off the best party and it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend! I have been so blessed in this life, and even more blessed to have all of these people be a part of it. I am so thankful for the last 30 years and cannot wait to see what the next 30 have in store. Thank you to everyone that helped to pull this off, those that were there both in person and in spirit. I am so glad you are in my life. And thank you to my momma and Shane for all of your hard work. And thank you to my dad for being the best birthday twin there could ever be. I'm a lucky lucky gal!