Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New York City ~ Part 1

We're baaaaaack! We're back! We've been out of town for what feels like FOREVER! Driving home late Tuesday night poor Bennett says from the back seat, "Mommy, I just wanna be home and play with my toys!"  Bless his little heart. Traveling is oh so fun and good for the soul, but coming home is good too.

I have so much to catch up on round here … but while I continue to sort through the pieces of our travel hangover and the 14 loads of laundry that I simply cannot put off any longer … we'll recap the first part of our NYC trip shall we? I already recapped you on the mayhem that was the start to the holiday and now we'll move onto the first couple of days of the trip. I'm not sure I can count this as an actual post … because it's basically just a photo dump, but that's about all I'm capable of churning our right now. So enjoy the photo overload.

Tuesday morning came bright and early and we were all still feeling the sleepiness of our travel the day before. We ordered some yummy room service and started our first full day in the city!
A cold front was moving through the city and it was frigid cold and windy. We bundled up and headed to Chelsea to visit Uncle Max and see his NYC neighborhood. He's finishing up film school at NYU and we were so excited to explore with him!

In NYC there are only so many ways to realistically get around … and although I'm sure some are reading this and cringing at allowing our children in taxis without carseats, there really aren't a whole lot of practical options. It's legal in the city and we discussed beforehand how we were going to handle it and decided this worked best for our trip. Bennett and Lainey obviously thought it was amazing, but I'm glad that part of things is over and we can go back to carseat safety police because it makes me nervous!

Max took us to one of his favorite taco joints, Flat Fix, near Union Square and then we ventured and walked around a Christmas Village together.
 Bennett scored a sweet new hat.
 In addition to some sweet treats.
Then we headed to one of Max's favorite local book stores, Strand, it is HUGE and a great spot to warm up for a bit. It's kind of a staple in his part of town and amazing to see that many books. Plus, for an aspiring writer and director like little bro, it's totally his cup of tea.
But, then we spotted a cute little boutique on our way out and had to stop. The gals shopped and the boys did their boy thing. I always find it comical to watch men watch women shop.
 And then we loaded up and headed on the Subway to check out Uncle Max's apartment.
 Bennett thought it was super cool until it started moving.
 So he quickly grabbed a seat. Ha!
 Uncle Max showing little man the ropes.
 And little miss had had enough.
 We made it! His Chelsea apartment! So proud of him.
Ain't it fancy :) hehehe.
 Lainey wasn't impressed Max … sorry.
 Then we slowly made our way back to the hotel, stocked up on some snacks for the room and rested up for daddy's arrival the next day!

We were up and at em' early again Wednesday morning and headed to get in line at Ellen's Stardust Diner. It's an awesome little diner where aspiring broadway stars are waiters/waitresses and sing all throughout your meal. It wasn't until we sat down that I realized the irony of taking my Nashville children to a restaurant where they sing … uhmm hello we live in Music City and see that all the time! Haha! Either way, it was a great start to the day!

 On our walk back to the hotel … NYPD! Thank you for your service, sir!
We put the littlest down for a nap and DADDY arrived! After he got settled into the room we headed to Bryant Park for another Christmas Village, yummy lunch and Bennett's first time ice skating! Because, what would Thanksgiving in NYC be without an ice skating session?!

 And here we go!

 Well this is interesting …

Papaw and GoGo rushed to Bryant Park to hold the littlest and be our cheering section.
And we all agreed … assistance needed!

 Yayy!! Go bubby go!
I snuck little onto the ice too … because sometimes you need to break rules to get a good photo! Big brother can't have all the fun.
 And soon enough … we'd had enough. And Hubs checked out some crazy virtual reality thing, while we prepped for the holiday train show at Grand Central Station.
 But upon arrival, the boy who was so excited to see it (and the reason we were going fell fast asleep … ice skating is hard ya'll).
 So we took in the sights for a bit and did a quick walk through.
 But before we knew it … little number two was asleep!
 So we called up baby bro and enjoyed the adult time visiting.
The rest of the crew got cleaned up for their big broadway show, Kinky Boots, but we opted out this year for obvious reasons. Instead we headed to one of my favorite places to eat in the whole city, Chelsea Market!
 We made wishes in the well.
 Admired the beauty.
 And ate so much seafood and made fish faces, because when it's that fresh there simply isn't another option.

 And last but not least, we finished off the night with a cookie!
 And that's all folks! Stay tuned for the rest of the trip .. so much more to come!
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