Friday, January 6, 2017

Ringing in the New Year

Once all of our Christmas festivities were over, it was time to set our sights on rounding out 2016 and ringing in the new year. Guys I've read a lot of people writing about how they were so excited to see 2016 end and how the year was awful, blah blah ... and to be honest ... I'm right there with them.

I had a lot of personal growth this year and for that I am thankful, but if I could have had a way to grow without experiencing all we had to go through I'd be okay with that too :) And just when I thought the year was all over and done with ... my kiddos spiked 103 fevers AGAIN, and Lainey decided to become an Olympic diver and use the Target shopping card as her diving board. Which landed us in the ER for a good portion of Tuesday night. Bennett was so sick he fell asleep in my lap and thank goodness she's okay ... but geeZe! We snuggled the kiddos tight that night and said lots of thank you prayers. But goodness ... dear 2016 - BYE FELICIA!

The following day was a much needed break and it was time to shower our sweet JoJo. She was having a big NYE wedding and magically worked in such a fun shower with lots of my favorite ladies.
The following day brother was feeling better, but little miss was sick as a dog. So B headed to work with Daddy for the later part of the day and I snuggled Lainey Lou on the couch nearly all day.

And for our big NYE celebration Sissy took one for the team and kept the kiddos. She gave them all the TLC they needed, so hubs and I could head to Jo and Jay's wedding and not be worried about the littles stuck with a sitter who wasn't too sure about what to do. Before we headed out the door however, we made sure to get our New Year's kisses from these guys. Looking at this picture makes me reminiscent of New Year's passed and that one time we dressed Bennett in a baby tux <insert crying laughing emoji> to see those NYE celebrations check out the links here ( 201320142015).
I hadn't celebrated NYE with all my gal pals in several years, which made it was such a great night and an awesome way to start the new year! We've had some pretty great NYE celebrations, but this year was really really great! Jessica and I were on the dance floor and after we kissed our hubbies we looked at each other and both had tears in our eyes.  Happy ones of course! Life is such a blessing, and I'm so happy to do it with the people in my life. And my forever date and I officially put our 12th New Year's kiss in the books!

Happy New Year friends, let's buckle up for another trip around the sun! And thank the big man upstairs for blessing us with more time with great friends and family :)

Also - I'd like to ask you for some personal prayers today. I'm heading back into surgery for a spot they have found on my face/right hairline :( it's not melanoma as far as we know - but it is pre-melanoma, so they are treating it as such and removing it with some decent margins. So we'd appreciate the extra thoughts and prayers our way as we recover this weekend!

And with that, let's raise a toast and cheers to 2017!  May it bring health and happiness to all!

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  1. Looks like it was such a fun wedding :) You guys are so cute!!!

  2. That wedding sounds like the best. Love, love your dress. Such a good looking couple!

    1. Thanks Em! It's actually pants!! It was such a great little fit!


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