Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Small Potatoes

So I haven't showed my face around here in a few weeks. And really there are a lot of excuses I could make. Things like  ... the basement at the new house flooded. The one part of the house we weren't touching..yea it flooded. Like replace the carpets, pray the drywall doesn't mold, flooded.

Or maybe because I totally flaked on a friends baby shower because my brain is scrambled eggs these days. 

Or it could be because the weather is so nice and I packed only winter clothes for our transition ... so I've been profusely sweating 24/7 and looking a fool everywhere I go. 

It could possibly be I had another excision on my back (Womp womp) and the doctor told me I couldn't pick up my kids for two weeks, haha. Riggghhht.

It could be I'm under a work deadline that I'm probably not going to meet, so that should be fun. 

Maybe it's because not only did the basement of our new house flood, but we've got a leak in the floor of our pseudo rental home that has us living in a smelly funk that we've deemed our permanent "transition cologne". 

Possibly it's because Shane lost Bennett's sticker after his karate class that he earns to work toward his class prize and I FREAKED OUT like a crazy woman. Yep, 30 years old and losing my marbles over a misplaced piece of sticky paper shaped like a bubble guppy. 

Maybe it's because our daughter has decided she just doesn't like sleep anymore and her brother has turned his karate class into a nighttime ninja performance as well, leaving me bruised and batterered most mornings. 

I could give you any one of those reasons...and I promise many more. But I think you get the point. I have so much to update you on: life, the house, the kids, our big weekend coming up, hubbys bday plans, new babies, Max's upcoming graduation - ALL THE THINGS! 

And I really hope to do so soon. But for now, I'm going to continue to laugh at all of my small potatoes I listed above...and focus on the bigger potato :) 

Praising Him for all of the happiness He has bestowed upon our family and counting down the days until nearly one month from now when I get to wake up and dance dance DANCE because y'all, I'll have been cancer free on April 12th for an ENTIRE YEAR!!!! 

And that means (ha!) I'll get to deal with another flooded basement in my future. And that small potato is a little extra pink Himalayan sea salt in these scrambled egg brains of mine. 

Perception folks. Indulge yourself with a healthy dose of it today. It can do the body plenty of good. 

And in the meantime, tie that blanket around your neck and be your own damn superhero...
And top it off with a little ice cream, or atleast that's how we do it around here :) 


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