Friday, June 2, 2017

Schools Out for Summer

And that's a wrap on our second year of preschool! I can't believe my little man is old enough to have already completed two years of this! Where does the time go?!! Is there ever a point in a mother's life where she stops muttering that sentence? Good grief!

This year was a big one for Bennett, because we up and moved in the middle of the year. So he started out the year at our beloved preschool in Nashville with all of his pals going two days a week, and finished the year in Louisville, Kentucky with a new school, new friends, and three days a week. It was a rocky start and a big change for a little guy! He still has his "I miss Nashville and my buddies" moments ... but he's doing so great and is really coming around. This little mister made me extra proud this year!

You may notice, t the beginning of the year we had ambitious goals to be a Fireman. But at the end of the year, we're aspiring to be a giant rat :) ... Master Splinter is the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so maybe we can look at this and see some budding leadership skills!! MaKenzie also reminded me, he's really only a rat because of an unfortunate evening when radioactive matter was poured down the sewer drain ... so it's really not that bad. HAHA!

His last day of "school" was actually the Wednesday before ... and his final "day" was Friday ... but it simply consisted of a fun party in the gym with an art show of all of the little's best work. The art show didn't begin until 10am, so the littles and I headed out for a celebratory end of the year breakfast, which was equal hilarious and delicious.
Then we headed to preschool to find Bennett's artwork in the art show and mingle with all of his new pals and their families. Lainey will attend the program in the fall, and after watching her meander through the gym with the other kiddos I have no doubt she will fit right in.

After walking the entire gym, we walked it one more time and finally found his beautiful coffee filter and egg crate butterfly :)
He was super proud and we added it to his artwork scrapbook. Once we get moved into the new house I have ambitious goals to create a little plastic organizer box my gal Emily at Three Boys and A Girl blog shared with me. But, we'll cross that bridge when we get there :)
In the meantime, we're saying adios preschool ... see ya next year ... we've got SUMMERTIME to celebrate!

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