Monday, June 12, 2017

Sibling Sweetness at Summer Camp

Ahhh Summertime, sweet summertime. We're rolling right along with all of our summer dreams. Complete with sidewalk chalk, berries with whipped cream, sun tea in the window, catching fireflies, graduation parties, ball games, cookouts with our pals, late night swims and all the fun.

Furthermore, I realize just last week I posted backpack photos of our B Bear and his last day of school. So, the irony is not lost on me, that I'm back here today posting backpack pics of the kiddos today - HA! - but, it's two totally different things ... so you're stuck with backpack pictures of my kids again today. It's summer, and my creativity and originality get a few months off too ... Deal with it! :)

Last week kicked off the kid's summer camp session and all the sibling sweetness you can imagine. I planned to get Lainey a backpack in the fall when she officially starts preschool this year.  But, my girlfriend informed me Pottery Barn Kids has all of their last season backpacks and lunch boxes 60-75% off in store right now (and more sales online) and I couldn't pass it up. Bennett happened to be with me on shopping day, and of course had to have a new one too! But when a Pottery Barn backpack and matching superhero lunchbox are only $20 total, you oblige and make that sweet (almost) four year old's day!

And then, when it's time for Summer Camp to start you put their backpacks on and make them take sweet photos of course!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Summer Camp FUN!

"Wait Lainey, your pig tail got messed up!" ~ Thank goodness for big brothers :)

Gotta get those backpacks monogrammed before preschool starts this fall -- any grandparents reading this and wanna make that their summer project :) ?? Pretty please!
And off they go. Hand in hand and "cracking my heart up" (When they are being sweet Bennett always asks, "Does that crack your heart up mommy?" - Because I always tell him when he's being sweet it melts my heart, or him growing up breaks my heart -- and he somehow combined all thoughts and now it simply "cracks my heart." Gah, I love todder talk).

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  1. Oh my word - can we talk about the cuteness of Lainey in those little pink shorts and pigtails? And that last picture of them walking away - precious!!!


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