Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: March 2017 Edition

Hi. Is anyone still showing up around here? Because it's evident I certainly am not. I have the best of intentions to recap kiddos, house, and winter to spring transitions, all the changes and just general every day life. But, I'm going to be honest guys ... I simply don't know heads from tails anymore. Our life is a bundle of complete and utter madness. And when I sit down to write I can't even seem to find a way to compile all of the craziness that has ensued the past week/day/month and simply give up. 

So, I thought a post like What's Up Wednesday seemed like a good place to start. It's got direct questions, and exact things to answer, so I feel confident I can compile a good read for you today. For any newbies, these posts happen at the end of every month and we all link up and talk about these topics:

What We're Eating This Week: All the leftovers in the fridge. Spring Break will soon be upon us and it's time to get rid of everything we've got before it goes bad. Last night Sissy and Poppy took the kiddos to Bennett's karate class and I whipped up a super tasty chicken and mushroom spaghetti I was quite proud of. Does anyone else feel like their best dishes come from randomness? I've always fancied myself more of a "I really don't follow recipes" type of cook.

What I'm reminiscing about: Actually a lot of things. I've failed to blog most of them, but we've already discussed that. First, I'm reminiscing about meeting sweet babies (I still have one more, Miss Maple, to get my hands on). Little Brighton Marie first. We celebrated another birthday for my grandma and it was so fun to get the whole fam damily together. 

Then I got to snuggle little Knox Michael (and his mama ... and brother, Jack ... goodness I miss them so very much) when hubs and I spent a few days in Nashville.

And last but not least I'm reminiscing on the weekend getaway hubs and I spent in Dallas a couple of weekends ago. Shane's little brother from his fraternity in college was getting married to the sweetest gal in Dallas, and we packed our bags for a 72 hour getaway sans kiddos and it was FABULOUS! We got all dolled up and took our time doing so. We aimlessly walked without any whining, we drank adult beverages on a rooftop and dined at fun restaurants while we just talked and listened to one another. And - BONUS - didn't have to take one kid potty the entire time. We ordered room service and had breakfast in bed and watched an entire movie while sipping coffee. It was what dreams are made of my friends. And when it was all said and done we couldn't wait to get home and snuggle the crazy little people we call our family. But, I'd be lying if I said I can't wait to do again soon.

What I'm loving: Halloween in the smack dab middle of spring. This little three year old has become costume obsessed. And lucky for him, living behind his GoGo means Chasing Fireflies costumes that are available all year are at his disposal. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Masks (Michelangelo is his favorite) are on repeat nearly 24/7, made out of just about every household item we can find. Captain America is another fan favorite. And, last but not least the Storm Trooper made an appearance at Mexican night last week :)

What we've been up to: I think the better question is what have we NOT been up to. It has been a month ya'll. A jam packed, CRAZY, month. But, I'll highlight two of my favorites from this month. First, our visit to the Newport Aquarium. Bennett was so brave on the shark bridge and we had a blast!

Second, Sesame Street Live! Holy cute. My kids LOVED it. I mostly have video and not many pictures, but we had a ball. I got the kiddos the tickets for Valentine's Day and I'm so glad I did!

What I'm dreading: I'm not really dreading anything at the moment, but the big dread of this month was officially moving out of our Nashville house. We moved ourselves back to Kentucky late December/early January, but we still hadn't sold the house in Nashville, so all of our things remained there to keep it staged. I think because of that, I was able to emotionally block it off ... but this month we officially said goodbye and it was TOUGH. There was A LOT of life lived in that house. We brought home our second baby, we sent our first baby to school for the first time, we walked through a hard diagnosis, we celebrated birthdays, we made friends, we celebrated holidays, we potty trained, we made friends, we made memories and it was a tough one to leave. So, a part of me is still dreading the next time we go back to Nash and I have to drive by knowing it's no longer ours. But we boxed it up, we shed tears, we said our official goodbyes and we passed it along to another family to begin making happy memories. 

That yellow wall :) means more to me than most of you know.

What I'm working on: The new house! Obviously! All things house. House house house. So many selections have been made. So much progress has been done. I'm hoping to do an update post on everything soon, because there is A LOT to share. Here was how I spent Monday ... walking through a salvage yard trying to find a fancy pantry door we can re-purpose - #allreclaimedeverything and that friends is a Monday well spent. 

What I'm excited about: DISNEY! I can't believe it's real ... and I am PUMPED. And hate that I haven't blogged enough that you're just finding out about that noowwwww. But, we're headed down for a few days (it's the kiddos first time) and although I know it will be exhausting and probably frustrating at times ... we're making memories and it makes me so excited. Can't wait to recap all of the fun!

What I'm watching/reading: Madam Secretary. At gals night a few weeks ago someone mentioned they had started bingeing it and coincidentally I finished White Collar a few days later, so I thought I'd give it a go and I'm totally digging it.

What I'm listening to: The birds chirping. Spring has pretty much sprung ... I feel like the last frost has taken place and so, I'm listening to the birds and the rain and all things spring and it makes me happy.  Also, sports, because March. We've been watching a lot of basketball (but both of our teams are now knocked out - BOOOO) and we headed to the opening Louisville City FC game last weekend and had an amazing turn out.

What I'm wearing: Gap soft-spun tees/tanks/sweatshirts. This one is my fave right now. It's a great everyday wear and flows well from job site to snotty baby :)

What I'm doing this weekend: We actually have a relatively low-key weekend compared to the one's we've had the past couple of weeks. We've had a party (see below) or a function for nearly 5 weeks straight so I'm looking forward to a good hangout weekend with my people's.

What I'm looking forward to next month: We've got another big month coming up. Big highlights include: Disney, Tee-Ball opening day/game and parade (look at that cute little tee-baller), some more fun parties, Easter, The Neil Diamond Concert - HA!, My one year cancer free celebration!!!!!, So much good stuff!

What else is new: Actually, Lainey feels new sometimes. New in the fact that she's getting so big. She's talking more and more every day. Her personality is so so so full and bright. She is truthfully the happiest little gal. She's so smiley and friendly and I just love her little self. She's into absolutely EVERYTHING, eats even more than that (sometimes dirt, sometimes everyone's packed picnic lunch, sometimes the dog food....), and is OBSESSED (literally) with her brother. Watching them grow up together makes my heart happy, but can't really say that's new. 

And that's just about it gang. So very much life is happening and so very many memories are being made. We are anxiously awaiting moving into our new home and starting our life there, but we are taking full advantage of the incredibly awesome perks that come with living behind your parents/grandparents and dare I say ... farm life (psuedo) really is pretty great. 

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Small Potatoes

So I haven't showed my face around here in a few weeks. And really there are a lot of excuses I could make. Things like  ... the basement at the new house flooded. The one part of the house we weren't touching..yea it flooded. Like replace the carpets, pray the drywall doesn't mold, flooded.

Or maybe because I totally flaked on a friends baby shower because my brain is scrambled eggs these days. 

Or it could be because the weather is so nice and I packed only winter clothes for our transition ... so I've been profusely sweating 24/7 and looking a fool everywhere I go. 

It could possibly be I had another excision on my back (Womp womp) and the doctor told me I couldn't pick up my kids for two weeks, haha. Riggghhht.

It could be I'm under a work deadline that I'm probably not going to meet, so that should be fun. 

Maybe it's because not only did the basement of our new house flood, but we've got a leak in the floor of our pseudo rental home that has us living in a smelly funk that we've deemed our permanent "transition cologne". 

Possibly it's because Shane lost Bennett's sticker after his karate class that he earns to work toward his class prize and I FREAKED OUT like a crazy woman. Yep, 30 years old and losing my marbles over a misplaced piece of sticky paper shaped like a bubble guppy. 

Maybe it's because our daughter has decided she just doesn't like sleep anymore and her brother has turned his karate class into a nighttime ninja performance as well, leaving me bruised and batterered most mornings. 

I could give you any one of those reasons...and I promise many more. But I think you get the point. I have so much to update you on: life, the house, the kids, our big weekend coming up, hubbys bday plans, new babies, Max's upcoming graduation - ALL THE THINGS! 

And I really hope to do so soon. But for now, I'm going to continue to laugh at all of my small potatoes I listed above...and focus on the bigger potato :) 

Praising Him for all of the happiness He has bestowed upon our family and counting down the days until nearly one month from now when I get to wake up and dance dance DANCE because y'all, I'll have been cancer free on April 12th for an ENTIRE YEAR!!!! 

And that means (ha!) I'll get to deal with another flooded basement in my future. And that small potato is a little extra pink Himalayan sea salt in these scrambled egg brains of mine. 

Perception folks. Indulge yourself with a healthy dose of it today. It can do the body plenty of good. 

And in the meantime, tie that blanket around your neck and be your own damn superhero...
And top it off with a little ice cream, or atleast that's how we do it around here :)