Thursday, June 6, 2013


A big shout out to Houndmouth!

Houndmouth is a collaborative folk rock band from the farmlands of Indiana and Kentucky. Their poetry emphasizes foolhardiness, and their soulful harmonies carry far. Once a folk duo, Katie Toupin and Matt Myers (of the Saint James Hotel) joined up with Shane Cody (Riffraff Revival) and Zak Appleby to create a colossal electric sound with bouncy half-time beats, punchy guitar riffs and a bit of facial hair.

*Shameless claim to fame plug* 
I went to school with Katie and Shane (the two pictured in the middle) ... and am so happy for their success! 

They were on Conan O'brien last night and killed it! Check it out below:

They also just celebrated the release of their first album: 
From the Hills Below the City 
(album cover pictured above).

You can check it out on iTunes here or Amazon here.

I want to wish them continued success and good fortune on their journey!  We're all rooting for you!

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