Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Choo Choo! ~ Halloween Recap

Halloween with kiddos is so much fun. Shoot, Halloween as an adult is fun too. But the innocence of a little one and the excitement of a day dedicated to candy is sheer bliss. We've always been big Halloween lovers in this house. See more on our past Halloweens here:
And for 2015 ... We're big proponents of the homemade costume (I thank my Grandmother Elaine for that one ... she made us homemade costumes every year as a kid) and this year was no different. Thanks to the Labor Day OshKosh sale, we scored these awesome overalls for like $3.00 and then I found this adorable hat and train whistle on a sweet little Etsy Shop. And voila ... here is Bennett, our little train conductor! 
Already eating candy before we even left the house :)
Constantly chanting "Choo Choo! All aboard!!"
Yayyy! Halloween!

So, here's where the fun begins. Nashville weather decided to not cooperate AT ALL when it came to Halloween. It was supposed to be cold and rainy all night, and this mama was battling a cold with an impending C-section scheduled for November 9th + Friday my contractions had really started to pick up and the doctor told us we were officially on baby watch. So, Halloween afternoon (Saturday) we got a decent break in the weather and I was feeling rested after an evening on the couch and a slow morning, so we decided to take advantage while we could. We got little conductor all dressed up and headed to the Belle Meade Plantation for some Trick or Treating in case Baby Moon had his/her own plans to join us that evening. (Side-note: this was also the fourth time little man had gotten to wear his costume and ask for candy, so he was an ole' pro and we felt less guilty about missing the actual night.)
We weren't too sure what to expect as we pulled up. We're new to Nashville and sometimes those "free" Halloween activities leave much to be desired, but we were SO pleased with this one! The candy consumption was abundant, the crowd was an awesomely manageable level, the grounds were well, beautiful as always (this was also the backdrop for our family pictures a few weeks back), and it was perfect because Bennett could run from station to station and we didn't have to worry about busy streets!
Thank you lady witch!
More candy daddy? You betcha buddy! Let's keep going!
Trick or Treat!
Oh wow, thank you!
This is so fun!!!

More candy pwease!
Choo Choo!!
He was a big fan of the people that let him choose his own handfuls :)
There's more?!?!?!
Best day ever!
Choo Choo!
I'm gonna take my bucket over there!
Signature Bennett stance (hands behind back) ... always. Such a little gentleman.
My heart. I love you little man.
"Wook at all my candy!"
Choo Choo!

And that's a wrap! The perfect way to spend our last day + take our last photo as a family of three! 
And little man got to take home his loot!

And seal it with a kiss!
And candy for the car ride home of course!
Happy Halloween!!!!
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  1. Oh my goodness. He is such a doll! I love the costume...too cute!


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