Monday, June 19, 2017

The HOME Stretch

Well gang, I'm here today to nervously report we're in the home stretch of house renovations! We're turning a sharp corner and finishes are FINALLY happening! I'm going to be honest with both myself and you, my readers, I have absolutely no idea when we will actually move in ... BUT I do think it will be soon :)

If you need to catch up, here ya go:
I'm waiting to purchase any new furniture, rugs, decor, etc. until we move into the house and I have a true understanding of the space. Because, I personally think it's better to learn the flow of the rooms and what not before I make big time purchases like that. I have a good idea of what I want, and several options picked out, but I want to get a really really good feel before pulling the trigger, but walking through the house and seeing things come together is making waiting SUPER DUPER HARD! But instead of getting ahead of myself, on furniture purchases... I will share some exciting photos of what's happening at the casa, because I am getting soooo excited! I simply cannot wait when I get to publish the official BEFORE | AFTER photos!


You may recall the great color debate a couple of weeks ago deciding the exterior paint color of the house. We were pretty strongly between colors #1 (SW 7075 Web Gray) and #6 (SW 6251 Outerspace) ... Shane was 60/40 Outerspace and I was 60/40 Web Gray. And to be honest, most of the feedback we got was pushing us towards Outerspace as well. However, after MUCH debate we decided to play it a little safer and stick with Web Gray. We had the painters start on the trim so we could go back and forth longer on our great debate.

So, all of that simply to say ... WE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE! YAYYY. We went back and forth SOOOO many times. Literally up until the painter took his brush and started on the wood we were second guessing ourselves. We left the house and agreed we wouldn't come back until a wall was finished and when we came back we were PUMMMMPED. The color turned out wayy more blue than we anticipated, yet still gray enough to achieve what we were hoping for. Winner winner, Web Gray Dinner!

We also polished and refinished the copper dormer covers and I'm loving them!! They've still got to finish painting the rest of the exterior and do a few more coats -- but I'm loving the direction! I think the white trim changes the entire look of the house!


Most of the inside stuff is pretty :) and making me so excited too! Cabinets are being installed, trim work is almost complete, most of the tile has been laid, the hardwood floor has been patched in, and we're working on final tweaks and built-ins as we speak. Along with finalizing granite choices, door knobs, pulls, etc. It's all coming together, FINALLY!

They began patching and completing the hardwood floor in the new great room addition.
 Then they painted it :)
 They painted the office.
They started the kitchen cabinet install.

 And my little helpers came to check on the progress with me of course!
My contrast island made it's appearance! EEk!!
 And my contrast bar area made an appearance as well ... and I raised everyone's eyebrows when they asked why cabinets were missing their inside panels and I told them I'd be gluing chicken wire to them! Ha!

 The kiddos and I also made a trip to the granite shop (they love it there...wonder why, HA!)
 And we picked this beauty for the kitchen!
They started laying the tile in the master bath. 

 Then put in the bottom of the cabinets.
 And then we picked this pretty slab for that room, LOVE that vein in the middle.
And after I picked it out I learned we'd have to have a seam in the granite (RATS!) so I had to head up to the shop to work with the vinyl templates to ensure we'd be happy with the final product. I'm a little anxious about this one.
We painted the laundry room this fun little shade!
 And added pretty cabinets.
And decided to add a pretty marble to the room for a subtle finish. 
 They started laying my most favorite tile EVER in the hall bath.
 And I'm in love with it.
This room gets a wood wall accent and also an apron front sink ... so I kept the granite simple and found an awesome dark honed remanent with faint lines running through it. So, hopefully it'll keep the focus on the floor and wall, while keeping the counter top clean. 

 We worked on some trim options to make the weird angle in our great room work. 
We got our cubbies! To which when I sent my girlfriend a picture she replied: #momporn hahahaha!
We're finalizing the kiddos bonus room.

 We're painting the guest rooms ...
And picking out sweet granite for that bathroom:
 Painting Bennett's bathroom,
 And finishing with this top:
And we're working on little miss Lou's room too.
 And her bathroom tile is completely swoon worthy.

Plus working to find a granite that will fit into her monochromatic scheme as well ...
Here's a look at her bathroom cabinets, still at the warehouse and about to be installed.
And our contractor built her the most adorable little window seat/chest. I've been trying to pick out the most perfect fabric for a cushion that will adorn the top. I can picture her (or maybe myself) reading a book and enjoying a warm cup of hot cocoa in the winter :) ... maybe she'll invite me in sometime!
 And last, but certainly not least ... we've  been working to pick out all of the final details (door knobs, stains, carpet, etc)  for the house ... and again I have the best helpers :)
And that's where we are folks! The HOME stretch (see what I did there?!).
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Should Get a Speeding Ticket

Is it really already the middle of June?! How in the world did this happen. I swear just yesterday I was wearing a hoodie and jeans to ward off the chilly spring temps ... and now I'm full on sweating, looking to next month and realizing Summer is already going wayyyy too fast!  We've been so busy, and that's making the long summer days seem short!

I pray we get to move in to the new house before summer draws to a close, because I really really want some memories of my kiddos at this age grilling out on the new back deck and swimming in out pool. And to be 100% honest, I really would just love my own TV and space, so when we are inside during the hottest part of the day I'm not required to listen to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the 400th time. Is this renovation ever going to be over?!?! Good grief! I'm working on a house update post, but for now ... I'll leave you with this. EEEEEEKKKKS! Ch-Ch-Ch-changes!!
Other than house hooplah, we've had a bunch of distracting activities.

Like hitting up the splash park with our pals...
Sleeping in until way too late ... we blame it on summer.
Being adorable in our costume jewelry.
All. The. Time.
Having fun lunch dates.
Spending as much time visiting the ball park concession stand as possible, bring on all the lollies and snow cones please.
Having more lunch dates with this crazy fella.
Riding the fun animals at the mall, because how else would we get through a Tuesday afternoon?

Hitting up the movie theater for take out popcorn (this is a legitimate thing we do way too frequently) and screening Beauty and the Beast on Bubby's mattress in the living room.
Heading off to Summer Camp together.

Hitting up games to see our favorite soccer team play, Louisville City FC...

And playing and playing and playing with our buddies.
 Hubs and I had a date night with some pals to see Dave Chappelle at the Palace.
We had another adult night and spent an awesome evening by the water celebrating Wes's 30th at Captain's Quarters. The weather was the absolute best!

We wrapped spring tee-ball and little mister did AWESOME at his last game. Their little team has improved so much from the start of the season.

 He proudly accepted his trophy.

 And then (enthusiastically  begrudgingly) posed with everyone.

We had a graduation party for Uncle Max and an early send off before he makes his way to the west coast. These littles even adorned his graduation gear for a fun inclusion in an awesome movie my mom and his buddy, Grant, made for the party.

He's getting ready to begin filming a film he's planning to submit to festivals this fall, Plastic Funerals, and mom did a great job incorporating all of those fun details into the party, but I failed to get any great pics.
It was a great night being surrounded by so many people who love him.

We've spent soooo much time in the pool, our little water babies LOVE to swim.
And we're soaking up our last month in the little house behind the grandparents. Even though we are ready to be in the new house, we sure are going to miss having PaPaw and GoGo in our front yard.
We've still got LOTS of summer ahead of us and if it's anything like what's already behind us we couldn't be more excited!
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